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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpet 101, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Oh my, how I feel for you man, when I was younger I played an old, crappy looking Holton Super Collegiate from '59, and I was convinced that I couldn't play well because of the horn, I was sad, people made fun of me and called it the "frankentrumpet" as in, it was made from three colors so it looked like frankenstein. I gave in to the pressure, and my parents got me a silver Yamaha 2335. I felt empowered, practiced more, got better and was surprised by how this horn changed my life. last year, I realized that my holton had been locked away, cuz heck, we all want a new horn eventually, so I got it out and played a few notes, and I fell in love with that horn all over again. I tore it down, used acetone and took the lacquer off it and now I have the most gorgeous raw brass horn, my friends still call it frankentrumpet, but, they say it quietly, because Im first chair, and even though she doesnt shine like my friends Elkhart bach, I make it sing. the lesson, actions speak louder than words, which is an analogy for, it doesnt matter what the horn looks like, just what comes out of it.
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    I'd take to a tech and have him or her look it over. Sounds like there must be something wrong? As far as Capris go, I wish I still had mine, and I know a few pros that still use them. If I remember, I think that Chet Baker even played a Capri? If it just looks bad, meaning worn lacquer and such, so what?... it gives it character. I know that's hard for some High Schoolers to understand. I don't know if you are into guitars at all, but would you turn down a 60's Fender Strat or an early Martin 'cuz it looked used (or what I liked to say: "loved"). Most of the best sounding guitars I've ever owned where the most beat up! Same goes for horns I've gotten to play over the years.

    I was also thinking that that the capri (being an older horn), might not slot as easily as say a newer horn, especially a student model, which might make it seem easier to play? I don't know if this is 100% true tho?!?
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    I second taking the horn to a tech.

    The capri is a good horn. I play one regularly with the local brass band. Like others have said, if it has an air leak, it will play horribly. A good tech should be able to find an air leak quickly and let you know what it might cost to fix.

    If you're just sick of the horn, you can easily find a used but playable trumpet for $300 or so.
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    3 cheers for Asher S!!!!

    Great name too!

    Go for it!

    veery (aka asher h)
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    Thanks guys, but it's no big deal.

    I've PM'd the OP and have not yet heard back.

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