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    Nov 5, 2003
    West Virginia
    I stumbled onto the NYTC Possegger on ::gasp:: the NYTC website. I was wondering if anyone (Felix, are you home?) could give me some info on it's playing and sound characteristics. I'm saving up for a new toy, and this one sounds intriguing, even though I know very little about it, heh. Thanks
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    Nov 1, 2004
    Well,just got home :D
    The Possegger.
    Hand made from scratch,these horns are used widely in Europe by pro's in every setting:Solo,Big Band,Jazz,Symphony.......
    One piece,hand-hamered Gold brass bell with Bauerfiend valve section(same section as Eclipse,Taylor and Stage 1 NY model).All slides and braces are bent by hand as well.
    The best part about Possegger horns is the screw bell(2 different types and 2 different weights) and interchangeable leadpipes (12 of them),so you can "make your own horn".All trumpets are made per order only,simply to make sure that you get what you wish for.
    There are 4 different horns in the line:Bb,C,A/B Picc and a Flugel
    They all are very easy to play,with amazing intonation and projection(large bell flair)
    Does this sound like an advert? :D
    Our own Tony G has played a few of them in my shop,so he might show up on this thread to say a few things.
    You can also call me any time:(917)575-0688

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    Nov 14, 2003
    Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
    Outstanding quality and workmanship as well as superior playability... The bell was gigantic and the slides were an ovate shape that had alot of eyeball. The valves of course were Bauerfiend(Spelling) and were tremendous...

    When I was surrounded by the array of Taylors & Eclipse's I kept going back to that Lighweight Possegger time and time again..

    Of course the Stage One California was not in the room... Could have been a tilte fight in the making..

    That should do it!


    Tony G
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