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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NickD, Apr 15, 2005.

  1. NickD

    NickD Forte User

    OK, this is necessarily going to only apply to folks within
    "shooting distance" of the Chicago area. Sorry to take any time from those
    of you for whom this won't apply.

    I am considering "sponsoring" a couple of my own clinics. They'd
    be completey free to the public. Obviously, the only "public" I
    could imagine would even be remotely interested in this would be brass
    players. The main thing is that I was planning on no fee. I would have some CD'sfor sale, but other than that, I'd have no commercial plan.

    Here are the topics in rough order.

    Primary Ideas
    1.) How does a trumpet work, acoustically?
    2.) Why do we get the notes we get on a trumpet (the bugle
    3.) What is the acoustical function of the mouthpiece, leadpipe
    and bell? How do they impact the series?
    4.) What is the story with resonance and extreme high notes?
    5.) How can this information be used to help develop one's
    playing? I.e. how to hit them high notes!

    Secondary Ideas
    1.) Horns, horns, what horns? Which isntrument is "the best?"
    2.) Mouthpieces - conventional versus asymetrical - how to use
    either or both
    3.) Endurance versus practice time needs (how to survive your
    preactice sessions)

    Recently I have done some lectures for high school and college
    students and even some professors, and there still seem to be many
    misconceptions lurking. I sincerely want to help folks sort this all out in a
    way that might help them devlop their playing.

    Now, many of you may not know my background. Well, I have been a
    bit of a lurker on Trumpet Master. I have evolved both as a
    physicist and trumpeter during my time here. I have a MM in classical trumpetand an MS in Physics-Teaching.

    In additon to all of this, I have had to solve some frustrating
    problems with my chops. As of the last year, I can honestly say that I
    think I've pretty well worked things out. I feel completely confident in
    all of my gigging that I can do whatever I have to do or want to do,
    including playing in excess of double C on gigs and crossing over from lead tojazz to classical.

    Now in the interest of complete honesty, I am speaking from MY
    point of view. Other trumpeters may feel that I am utterly delusional. So
    it goes.

    In any case, I am exploring to see what, if any, interet there
    might be in my doing this. After all, I'ddon't want to take the time to
    prepare this, arrange for a nice room and then have nobody show up!

    So this post is to get a rough idea of what sort of numbers
    might be out there (this will help me pick the room). So, you can get back to me on or off the list, but please indicate that you are responding to the
    Trumpet Master post. I want to keep track and I'll be posting to TPIN as well as Trager Trumpet Talk. I may or not be able to repsond to your
    post directly. Remember, at this point, I'm just taking a "head count," so to speak. In fact, here on Trumpet Master, just pop in a quick reply if you think you might turn up for something like this.

    My motiviation is to share - in all sincerity. That's it.

    I look forward to hearing (possibly!) from you.


    Nick Drozdoff
  2. Tootsall

    Tootsall Fortissimo User

    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    I wish Chicago were less than two days' drive each way. Sounds like a really neat idea though. Best of luck with it.
  3. mhilton

    mhilton New Friend

    Mar 11, 2005
    Rosemount, MN
    I took a couple of lessons from Nick when I lived in Chicago and it was absolutely fascinating. I would definitely encourage everyone that can, to attend a clinic if he gets one together. He is a great advocate of music in general and had actually assisted me in helping save a community's music program about 5 years ago. (You can see part of the stuff he put together for it on his site).

    Hey Nick, can we work something out to get you up to Minnesota to do a clinic for a band I am working with here?
  4. NickD

    NickD Forte User

    Let's talk...

    Hi, Matt! I'm definitley interested. Here's what I could do.

    My reason for keeping these self-sponsored clinics in the Chicago area is to keep my expenses down. I really can't go out of pocket and justify that.

    What I have often offered, but with no takers, was to come to a school and do free clinics DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. I can take a pro leave day from NTHS and drive to a school and do a clinic, much like the one proposed above for free. I am paid my my school district. They are cool with that as it is considered as something to keep me sharp as a teacher in general. So, while the school at which I'd be doing the clinic wouldn't have to pay a fee, I AM getting paid as part of my day job.

    The main catch is expenses. Obviously a drive from the house to another school isn't a problem, but a drive, train ride or flight to Minnesota plus a room, if needed gets to be cost prohibitive for many if not all schools. This may be why I had NO takers on my offer to come to any school to do this.

    A secondary catch is during the school day. Since it would be part of my day job, albeit indirectly, I can justifiy forgoeins a fee for my services there. As we get into eveings, we start flirting with gigs.

    In short, the devil is in the details, but pehaps we could work things out.

    Just some thoughts!

    Gotta run.

  5. Hiwiller

    Hiwiller New Friend

    Dec 29, 2004
    near Cleveland, OH, USA
    Depending on whether my work schedule permits, I'd love to meet and listen to you Nick. I'm fascinated by your physics writings about the horn and things like Lynch's mp, not to mention your playing expertise. Would love to get some pointers from you to help with my comeback.

    And if it's a weekend thing, I'm sure the wife would appreciate a weekend in the windy city!

  6. pwillini

    pwillini Pianissimo User

    Mar 4, 2004
    Kalamazoo, MI

    Post the date & location (preferably close to Wrigley so I can catch a night game afterwards) & I'll work my schedule to come from Kalamazoo! Shoot, it's only 3 hrs from here!
  7. NickD

    NickD Forte User

    Still checking...

    I'm still looking into this. So far TPIN yeilded two responses from folks who could actually get here, and I'm reading two from Trumpet Master. There were no responses on Trager Trumpet talk from folks who could get here.

    Now this isn't to say I haven't had some nice feedback! I certainly have, but only a few people from these lists are on these big world wide sites are within a comfortable driving distance from the Windy City.

    I've got to reseaerch with three other places before I make any final plans. I'll check back here periodically.

    Thanks, all!

  8. NickD

    NickD Forte User

    Clinic compromise in the works for the summer...

    OK, folks, I am putting a final post on this matter here. I'm probably not going to put this post on TPIN as it is a listserv, not a forum.

    After posting to TPIN, TrumpetMaster and Trager Trumpet, only six folks indicated athat they MIGHT attend, if time permits. The interest (locally)just doesn't seem to be there, so I'm going to bag this. Thanks to all who responded, though. I really appreciate it.

    One person who contacted me sugggested a compromise, and I am going to make every effort to put this together ths summer.

    The compromise suggested was a simple video at a modest price. I'll get on this idea ASAP.

    Thanks for the support, as always, folks.


    Nick Drozdoff
  9. kingofthemill

    kingofthemill New Friend

    Jan 31, 2005
    detroit, MI
    Hi Nick,

    You can bump the interested number up to seven, as I would love to come by schedule permitting. Only a 4-hour drive from Detroit...

    If you do bag the live setting, I also vote "aye" for a video discussion.
  10. camelbrass

    camelbrass Mezzo Forte User

    Nov 5, 2003
    Dubai, UAE

    I think a lot of us would have love to have benefited from your input but Chicago is a little tough..("back in a week dear, I'm off to Chicago"). Although a video is second best, in my opinion, to an actual workshop you could certainly get me interested.

    By the way enjoy your recordings.



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