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    I had one repaired that didn't require the mesh and I waited the 6 weeks recommended by the Dr. After that I just started back slowly letting my body tell me when enough was enough. So for me, my sugery was in mid september and I was playing a concert in early December with no problems. Our community band had an October concert date and I wouldn't be able to play trumpet at that time, but our percussion section was very short handed. It was fun to play a concert as a percussionist.

    Fortunately I don't make a living playing trumpet and had no real need to get back in shape. The other part of being an amatuer is that "in shape" for me means being able to play a 2 to 2.5 hour concert of concert band music. In all the years I've been playing I've had to play a high "D" in Mars and this spring we're playing a march called Highpoint and it goes up to an Eb. So in general I never have to play above high "C"

    So if you're an amatuer, take it easy, but in any case follow your doctor's orders and if anything you're doing starts to hurt STOP.

    Good luck and be patient.
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    thanks for the replies!
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    I do hope none of you have suffered an abdominal aortic aneurism at the bifurcation with an abdominal net implaced as I have ... but it was after such that I made a successful comeback from 2006 to July 2008. Tomorrow I have follow-up with cardio vascular doc from his earlier implantation of stents in my iliac arteries. What I'm hoping for is his OK to pause both Plavix and double dosage daily of 325mg Aspirin (blood thinners) to have oral surgery and full upper denture that at some point in the near future I can begin a second comeback to all my horns.
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