Practice equals a worse player?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by degree210, Oct 2, 2012.

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    What? If your lips are puffy, they are not dehydrated (not hydrated enough). Signs of lip dehydration are quite the opposite: cracked, lose of volume, retracted mucosa. If lips are puffy, it is from edema as a result of over blowing and mother nature trying to heal the strain.
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    I have recently realised that the exhortation "Rest as much as you play" does not mean to play until fatigued and then rest, but to break practice sessions up into very small portions with rest for the same length as playing ie if you play an 8 bar phrase, rest for the same time. This is where the 19/30s exercise excells in improving tone and range, playing each note for 30 seconds and then resting 30 seconds.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    too much practice and not enough playing.;-)
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    Nothing much to add other than I can play for hours and I will regret it the following day so I don't 40 mins at a throw is enough for me

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    Apr 26, 2011
    No one on here can make a determination on your problem without seeing you play in person, knowing your history, etc…. I can tell you that 3 hours practice a day for me, turns my chops into monster chops, very powerful and no end in sight. 3 hours practice for any one should do the same to them. Doc says 3 hours a day minimum if you want to play professionally. The key is that you are practicing correctly, no bad habits. If you are practicing bad habits you can practice 24/7 and you will continue to play worse because that’s how you’re practicing. Personally if I had a teacher that was not improving my playing and I was putting in 3 hours practice a day under his / her instruction, it would be Bye Bye, don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out, to the teacher and I would be looking elsewhere. 3 hours a day on the horn is a LOT of time to spend to be digressing……..
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    Great advice and thankfully no one has mentioned getting a new mpc!! Phew!
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    Thanks gmonady. I've edited my post. I've always blamed dehydration. Strange how getting plenty of fluids helps my playing.
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    Dean Stuart,

    The 19/30 exercise, is almost identical to a method developed by Jaroslav Cimera more than 65 years ago, who was known as "The Dean Of All Brass Teachers" in the Chicago Area. This method is used as a remedial method to develop the smaller aperture needed for upper register playing, while at the same time giving you "aperture control." While you wait 30 seconds between notes, in the Cimera method he moistens the lip between notes. If you also gradually play softer as you ascend you will greatly reduce both the wind power and mouthpiece pressure, thereby forcing the tongue level and embouchure contraction to do most of the work. If practiced correctly this method will increase your range dramatically and immediately, build the strongest embouchure you can imagine, thus increasing endurance, reduce the amount of pressure you now using, which will save the lip, and give you the "feel" for any given note on the horn and allow you to develop the proper size aperture needed for high note playing, while allowing you to move throughout the entire range of the horn without using an embouchure shift.
    The details can be found at find the book "The Knevitt-Cimera Method for Developing the Upper Register on Trumpet, there's also an accompaning recording.
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    Get a new mouthpiece!! ... just kidding, just kidding.

    Try adding this to your morning .... BEFORE you play. Take a huge breath, blow it out in 2 seconds (the loose lip flap). Do this 20 times before you start warming up. It's like a massage and helps rid your lips of builtup lactic acid. Works a wonder ... I don't sound good in the morning (or anytime else for that matter) if I don't do this first.

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    Yah, you really shouldn't practice that long long every day, what i like to do, especially with marching band, is too save my chops for rehersal then take the next day and just to play in my lower register so that way i save my chops. It's a great way to warm up the chops and keeping them in shape in my opinion. Just don't over do you're warm ups every day is how i see it. BEST OF LUCK MY FRIEND!

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