Practice equals a worse player?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by degree210, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Only ignorant people think a new mouthpiece is the answer. The truly enlightened know it's all about the right lip balm. ;-)

    Back to the OP, who probably already answered his question ... "practice equals a worse player". We all know the quote from Clarke's first technical study.

    "By practicing in this way your lips will always be fresh and under control.... The principle is the same as that of a physician prescribing three drops of medicine which will cure, whereas a spoonful will kill."

    If I wanted to get in shape, I might run a couple miles a few times a week. I wouldn't start off by running 26-mile marathons. Why then do we think that marathon practice routines will make us better trumpet players?

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    And of course the RIGHT lip balm is Chop-Saver!!! :roll::roll::roll:
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    Gonna go out on a limb here and mention that part of your issue may be mental/emotional. I had a student that I taught through high school. He was quite good, and like many young people didn't always want to listen...even to me, can you believe it! He went to a state university fully intending to major in music. I talked to his dad in his senior year and was told that he was the top player in the school that year (and it was all my fault). I talked to him after he graduated. It turns out he hadn't stayed a music major. This is how explained his decision to change majors to me: In his freshman year, he realized that all of the upperclassmen music majors seemed miserable. He talked to them and found out that they were, indeed. He decided that music meant too much to him to turn it into a source of misery. He switched majors, is now teaching at a local middle school and helping out with the marching band and mentoring middle school trumpet players and enjoying every minute of it. I don't think I've ever been prouder of a student. The reason I've shared this is that it seems that you are making this into work and stressing yourself out over it. Maybe re-evaluate why you are doing what you're doing. I do think that 3 hour practices are probably excessive, although I probably practised that much myself in college. Relax, stop trying so hard and remember the passion for music that brought you such pleasure.
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    Thank you, well said.:D


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