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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NickD, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. NickD

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    Great thoughts folks. I'm with flugelgirl with the idea that I DON'T want to steal time from family. In fact, that is part of the point. I have managed to waste a lot of time, so now I carefully try to practice instead. BTW, I keep my horns by my PC in my studio, so I practice while I'm looking at forums quite often.

    OK, not it's time to pick the flugel and run "Hello Young Lovers" on more time before I split for work.


  2. Patric_Bernard

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    Oct 25, 2007
    Oh I know that you don't want to. I dont want to either, I'm sure no one does. The nightmare I can imagine is me when I'm older, married and with kids. I'll probably go out to practice and end up being there all night. Maybe i'll have to set alarms and stuff like that. I guess it comes down to really good timing and organization.
  3. stchasking

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    Jun 11, 2006
    I practice in front of the TV. I don't pay any attention to it but it is on.

    I sort of do what Nick does. My current gig at the high school musical isn't much but I have a session of scales before noon. One session of scales about 2:00 pm. Dress rehearsal is at 6:30 pm so I do scales at 6:00pm for a warm up. Then rehearsal tonight and the show tomorrow thru saturday. I am home at 10:00 pm. Most of my playing is at p to F because the kids aren't projecting from the stage. I can buzz up to high C very softly and it doesn't drown out the kids on stage. We play some parts down an octave to keep the volume in check.
    I still work out at the YMCA every other day usually from noon to 2:00pm.
    I have practiced in the past from 9 pm to midnight consistantly when I first got the show book.
  4. NickD

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    OK, this morning IGOT UP AT 6:00 am. After a shower and a shave, I went down inot the basment studio and practiced bass trumpet for 40 minutes. I worked on whole tone scales and augmented chords. I have a set of patterns I run. I double tongued them all, thus working on some jazz theory/ear training (I do them all by ear - no music) and legit polish. Then I took about a 5 minute to mess with email.

    After that I grabbed my flugel horn and practiced that till my son came downstairs to go to school (he goest to NTHS where I teach). I got in about 20 minutes on the flugel. I worked on major scales and chords. Also, on both bass trumpet and flugel, I worked out on Hello Young Lovers at tempo di frantissimmo. So, before I got to work, I snagged an hour of quality time.

    Today is lab day, so I don't have any time, really, excpet lunch. I wolfed my food down and took out my model GSC NYTC cornet and I've been practicing right in my lab with a mute. I just did all of my minor 7ths and dorian minor scales all double tongued again. I stopped for a couple of minutes to type this. Now, I'm going to grab it again and hit the mixolydian mode and dominant 7ths.

    OK, I got the mixo's done, but the dom 7th will have to wait till after school. My lab partner came in to chat. So I was only able to snag an additional 25 minutes. So as of now (about 12:30 PM), I'm up to 1:25 for the day.

    Now, I won't be able to post again till later. Right after shool I have to drop my son off at home and pick up my mom and take her to the dentist. While she is in the dentist office, I'll practice for an additional half hour in my car. I'll cover the dom 7th chords, Locrian mode and half diminished chords. I'll confirm that later.

    For now, I've got some simple harmonic motion labs to check up on!


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  5. NickD

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    Got home a little while ago. I did get through my half dim. scales and chords in the car while my mom was at the dentist office. I dropped her off and went to pick up my daughter at her sax lesson. I got there fifteen minutes early and her lesson ran late! I manged to work on some pentatonic patterns, whole half diminished patterns, some more blowage work, cleanup work on the solo from the William Tell Overture, and then some. So, sitting in the car twice, I scored another 45 minutes! So I'm up to 2:10, and I haven't had dinner yet.

    OK, I've got to round up the kids. They're running late.


  6. NickD

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    OK, it's actually 6:35 AM the next day. I had to pick up my wife late at the train station after she got home from work, and we basically talked about lots of stuff till we had to crash.

    After I rounded up the kids, the three of us (my son, daughter and me) grabbed a bite and just goofed off together - watched some silly movie. Nobody had much homework. After we cleaned up after supper, I hit the flugel and C trumpet. I covered interval studies, more mode patters, tritone substitutes and some Charlier etudes. I picked up another hour finishing up the day with three hours of solid practice. On top of it all, my chops did not feel tired; just ready.

    OK, I didn't mean to run on too much with this. I talked to my kids about it after dinner. They both agreed that the impact on our time together was minimal - the hour after dinner.

    What it boils down to for me is that, I LOVE trumpet. As a high school teacher, I have an extraordinarily hectic life, as I'm sure many of you do, too. So every now and then I need to unwind, chill, or whatever. Well, what I have resolved to do this year is to make most of that time practice time rather than vegging out in some way. Like a few of you have said, practice while watching the tube. I'll often get home and put the news on and grab my flugel and get to work. I stop and take a split second break whenever something interesting pops on.

    Well, that's it for this string. Gotta start the whole thing over for today!

    Peace, all.

  7. eclipseEnvy

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    Apr 17, 2008
    Great information here and thank you NickD. I needed that post!
  8. brem

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    Sep 13, 2007
    Quebec City, QC, Canada
    I usually practice in the evening when my wife watches some silly reality show on TV. That's an easy hour to catch there :) 5 of the week days.
  9. jazz9

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    Dec 5, 2007
    Chilhowie, VA
    Nick, I can't imagine having you as a physics teacher. That would be so awesome! A world-class player sitting right there playing in the classroom! I just can't imagine. Do any of your kids go nuts over your playing? Anyway, I would gradually go through the lower instruments to the high ones during the day, but I only have one horn, a Bb. :)

    BTW, I have no idea what kind of scales you were talking about, I am a music theory bum, but I enjoyed your posts. Thanks!
  10. jultone

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    Feb 9, 2006
    St Paul, MN
    Ok, Nick, you have challenged me(of which, I need badly at times). One problem I have is that I don't have a practice mute(probably should invest in one) and I have no sound proof practice room, but I do have a car out in the garage that I could definitely use until we scrounge up enough money to make that third bedroom with a sound-proof room underneath or I buy that Yamaha practice system.

    Kids are 8 and 9, so we usually get them to bed by 8 or 8:30. Going to bed around 10, I could easily get in a good hour in between trying to figure out what the next day will bring. Like you, I get up pretty early to leave for work around 6:30, so again, another half hour or so would do wonders.

    Now, for the final big question. How are you going to keep this up in the summer when you and the kids are on summer break? :)

    Take care and thanks for the much needed kick in the pants.

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