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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by FrancisA1915, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. FrancisA1915

    FrancisA1915 New Friend

    Dec 14, 2005
    For me, the best way to practice is without a practice mute. But, there are times when it cannot be avoided. What would you say is the best practice mute? I use a Silent Brass system quite often. I like it a lot. I wanted to throw this out to the membership though.


  2. eisprl

    eisprl Mezzo Piano User

    Sep 26, 2004
    Halifax, NS CANADA
    I have both the Denis Wick prac mute and the Silent brass system. However, I usually do not bother with all the electrical stuff. Whenever I "have" to practice with it in, I usually just use the silent brass mute by itself. I keep it in my case sometimes. I find you can hear the notes for what they are better in that mute than the other ones. Sometimes the notes are too stuffy on the other one that I can't even figure out what pitch I am playing. (Well I know what pitch I should be playing, but it doesn't sound right to me).

  3. ZeuSter

    ZeuSter Pianissimo User

    May 22, 2004
    I agree that practing with a practice mute should be held to a minimum,
    but when I do have to use a practice mute I use the Mannie Klien ShhShh Quiet Practice mute . it is the least stuffy of the ones I own. I also have two Peacemaker practice mutes , the original model and the newer version, the older model is actually a pretty decent mute( not too stuffy ) , the newer version is way too stuffy.
  4. Alex Yates

    Alex Yates Forte User

    Aug 11, 2005
    Atlanta, GA
    When I have to, I use the sssssssssshhhhhhhh mute by Bremner. I used the Peacemaker (without ear gear) for a long time until it fell into a pond in Central Park while I was practicing on a rock one day. (it rolled down the embankment, seemingly in slow motion, and plopped into a pile of ducks) I actually was able to retrieve it and still have it, but the water damage did it in. I keep it as a reminder of that incident. LOL. I have tried the Wallace and Silent Brass and didn't like either. Both were way too stuffy for me.
  5. Eclipsehornplayer

    Eclipsehornplayer Forte User

    Sep 14, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    I haven't put a lot of time or money into mutes. I try to play without them as much as possible. I use Harmon mutes when I need them. I have a straight, and a Cup Mute. Only reason I got them is that I needed them for a piece of music I was playing so now I have them when I need them.

    Thought about a wow wow mute for a minute but I don't really have a use for one. I like the Harmon's because they produce good sound and don't sound too stuffy. They are a more affordable mute for me as well.

    My two cents! :cool:
  6. gregc

    gregc Mezzo Piano User

    Apr 5, 2004
    New York, U.S. of A.
    practice mutes suck..........
    I'll use the Hickman Soto Voce mute when I need to keep the volume down but that's as far as I'm willing to go.
  7. FrancisA1915

    FrancisA1915 New Friend

    Dec 14, 2005
    Yes. They do suck.

    I am not suggesting that they are performance worthy at all. The number one thing that I HATE is missing my daily practice session. I see practice mutes not as a tool necessarily, but a necessary evil. I have to admit that I sound like S**T when I use one, but at least I get my workout in whether it be while the baby is snoozing, or I am at work during my prep period, or in a hotel, or where ever. :lol:
  8. dizforprez

    dizforprez Forte User

    Nov 2, 2003
    I agree! the Hickman mute is great for a practice mute when you must have one.
  9. LaserBoy

    LaserBoy New Friend

    Sep 20, 2005
    Baltimore MD
    Trumcor makes a couple of good practice mutes.
    The nice thing about their mutes is they are very
    light weight, and less tiring to hold the horn.

    I also have a peacemaker, and it is good to have the
    stethoscope to prevent overblowing. (Get some soft
    rubber tips for the ear pieces -- much more comfortable
    than the hard plastic). But the peacemaker makes your
    articulation sound cleaner than it really is, so be mindful.

    When we lived in apartments, I had to use a practice
    mute since the walls were so thin. If you have to use
    a practice mute all the time, be mindful that it can do
    weird things to your playingl. In that case, try to find
    at least one practice session a week where you don't
    use the mute (I went to an empty conference room
    at work on the weekends).

  10. Bill Dishman

    Bill Dishman Piano User

    Nov 22, 2003
    Gainesville, Florida
    Google Jim Donaldson's Trumpet Gearhead website and you will find a comparison / contrast chart I did last spring of many various practice mutes.
    Qualities, price, resistance, volume etc.

    Hope this helps...

    Bill Dishman
    Gainesville, Florida

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