Practice sessions 3/6/09 - a little bit of Fisher Tull

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    As a musician in the Chicago area it is tough to make a living these days, but we have to keep sharing our music somehow! So I'm taping some practice sessions and sharing things as I progress and finally over come obstacles in my playing. These things are FAR from flawless, but they are getting better.

    I used to play the Fisher Tull concerto, but I had to make compromises all over the thing (8vb's cuts and stuff like that - never again!). That used to bug me. With recent progress with my playing, I've gotten a little better at some of this, and I wanted to share it. Here's a link to the clip.

    YouTube - Fisher Tull Practice Session - 3/6/09

    I share this with GREAT humility as there are so many better players than I posting here. I plan on recording the entire piece with a pianist and percussionist once I get the funds in place (delay excuse #1) and once I have finished re-working the piece with fewer mistakes (the real reason!).

    You don't have to respond or comment. I don't expect this thread to mean much. I have three gigs this weekend and I don't know if I can do any more videos, but I'm going to try to share more. We're still in a terrible slump around here, so I'm grateful for every gig!

    I hope there area few notes you can all enjoy. I'm still learning!


    Nick Drozdoff

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