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  1. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Jackson NC
    It does with the Platinum Edition which I now have.
  2. TrumpetMD

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    Oct 22, 2008
    I have the Platinum Edition of the Arban Manual. The CD in that version has piano accompaniment for the Fantasies and Variations.

  3. cantplaytrumpet

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    Apr 2, 2012
    Sorry if anyone has already said, I'm not the most observant, but I find recording/making a video of myself and then listening/watching back over it to be most effective.
    I expect that you'll find it's an entirely different world on the other end of the horn!
    Just grab a camera, set it up and play. You'll be amazed at what you find out about your playing.
    Also, if you like, playing with other trumpet buddies (if you don't want to be in a large band situation) helps very much with tuning and ensemble playing I find. And you can learn a thing or two off them too! :D

    Hope it helps.
    And on a wider note, hope it helps everybody else too, it's helped me. :)
  4. BinaryHulledIon

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    Nov 23, 2012
    Spartanburg, SC
    Hrm, I might have to pick one of these up. It might be a student manual but I'm finding myself benefiting a lot from going back to basics. Plus, having the CD backup on actual sheet music will give me something to work on.
  5. tobylou8

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    Dec 22, 2008
    I don't think so. I included the quote so it wouldn't be lost/edited out by the OP. She (since I now know the gender) attacked Ed w/o cause IMO. I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT WHEN SOMEONE LAMELY THROWS AROUND THE "VICTIM" CARD. There are plenty of real victims that need and deserve attention. An apology to Ed should be made asap. Personally, I've had it with snarky kids that know practically nothing about anything trashing members who know of what they speak. They deserve no sanctuary! Apparently, humility isn't a virtue taught in schools these days. Rant over! Feel better!
  6. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Jackson NC
    Arban's a student manual in the context you stated ... I hardly think so ... I've still not got his Carnival of Venice"owned" to my own satisfaction or recordable. What I do find is that is has ample etudes to sustain my ability to play. Still, I persist and take another whack at Carnival ... now and then.
  7. Jfrancis

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    Jul 19, 2008
    Hannibal, MO
  8. Ed Lee

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Jackson NC
    I receive $60.00 / hour tutoring 4 students simultaneously. Each just pays $15.00. They are taught at the County Cultural and Wellness Center the usage of room one early evening a week which I pay $25.00 / month, plus I provide the music media. The room has two large windows to the lobby hall purposely chosen and I do keep the venetian blinds up. The students have their backs to these windows, but I don't. Many people are constantly passing by and can see into the room.
    Am I really profiting from such, and my answer is NO. Is such essential to my livelihood and again the answer is NO. These 4 boys are 6th graders just in their second year on trumpet, and Christmas eve after the churches let out from their Cantatas, these boys will be performing O Little Town of Bethelem in 4 parts at the caroling being held at the Courthouse gazebo. One boy has a transportion problem because his single Mother must work. I'm picking him from his care-taker, he's having supper with my wife and I and going with us to the Cantata and afterwards to the caroling, then my wife and I will take him home to his Mother who should be home by that time also. They already performed this song last week at a school assembly. How did I chose which would play each part ... I didn't ... they did by agreeing to draw straws. Too, they chose the carol.

    Quietly, anyone is invited to sit in and listen. There are six empty chairs.
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