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    What are some of the things you do to prepare yourself before a performance that through experience works for you? It could be a food, drink, clothing, bathing in milk :-), meditation, etc, etc, etc.

    While working waiting tables while studying in Oberlin at the Oberlin Inn, pianist Jason Robert Brown was sitting at a large table with a cadre of Oberlin Conseravtory music professors and administrators enjoying a free meal before his performance. I do not recall what he ate for dinner but I do recall what he had for dessert. He ordered a full glass of honey when everyone's jaw dropped to the table. We did not have honey, only maple surup which he drank while claiming that it gives him extra energy for the performance. I don't know if he has diabetes after all of these years of drinking such large quantities of sugar but ........................................

    Once I was invited to play a trumpet solo for the annual meeting of the Lion's Club (don't recall what Lions stands for) and it was not at the zoo but in a fancy Michigan Hotel lounge. I was late and jumped from the car to the stage with everyone waiting for me. I had to go to the bathroom very badly which I did in a hurry. Jumped onto the stage, tuned with the pianist, unbuttoned my suit coat and started my performance ………….. cold… warm up. The performance was perfect and right on all the way. I bowed and left the stage. As I got off the stage, I noticed that my belt was completely unhooked and my fly was open.:oops:

    Since then, I try to be an hour early before a performance and make sure everything is in order.

    Now, I take WGJ which makes me very alert and strong. Time to mooooooooooooved to the next person to tell us what is good for you.:D

    Liad Bar-EL

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