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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by bsakoi, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Jul 22, 2009
    Hi all...I have a gold plated Wild Thing trumpet that I am considering putting up for sale. I believe they were retailing for over $4k and with gold over $1000/oz I assume that is still in the ballpark.

    The horn works well, BUT, took a good fall toward the beginning of the summer. With a weekend's worth of upcoming gigs I had the dent in the bell straightened out but not replated. The valves were fine. The plating is probably 75-80% intact on the entire horn.

    During my wait at the shop I tried then eventually ordered a Conn Vintage 1, rose brass gold plate horn that should be delivered next week. The original plan was to keep the WT as a back up. However after using my vintage LeBlanc 707 (a $400 Ebay purchase) all summer on everything from Dixieland to lead trumpet, I'm thinking why hold on to a horn that I am guessing would still fetch $2,000? The question is whether that seems reasonable and is it worth taking the time market...

    Any input is more than welcome.
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    Jan 25, 2009
    A camera lens by Nikon I fancied in 2007 cost over $860.00. By the time I saved "cash" to buy it a year later, it was over $900.00. Now you can buy it for $1,199.00. What I was taught, by a very old man was as far as investments go, to keep what you have for seven years, then you will surly profit when you sell.
    He wasn't referring to cars, or trumpets, he was speaking of coins.

    I think if you hold onto your wt long enough to enjoy it further and get the blemishes repaired, it could be worth more than what you could sell it for today, considering inflation /wages.. I wish my wages would keep up. Now the way to get ahead these days is buy now with cash before the price goes up, why bother saving for it? I lost over $65.00 saving cash for my camera lens, the one that sells for almost $300.00 more today........ and don't even let me get started on my story about the cost of this 32" drum sander I considered buying for over a year.... the price increase was insane!!! Brass instruments will go up just as fast, or faster.

    What you have now is an investment. Use it. take care of it. Sell it...... at the right time.
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