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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by memorax700, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. memorax700

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    Feb 16, 2008
    Central Pa
    My Lesson teacher is probably the coolest guy on the planet, and an amazing trumpet player, he was the Lead trumpet for the Jazz ambassadors in the 80's, probably one of the best trumpet players I have ever seen, and he's helped give me the tools to get almost perfect scores on my district band audition last year. (29.4/30 on lyrical and 28.6/30 on technical)so he's a really cool guy AND an amazing teacher and trumpeteer.

    SO I was just thinking "there is no way all trumpet teachers are as cool as Mr.Brye, so now I am asking: Is everyone's teachers as cool as mine?
  2. note360

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    Oct 16, 2006
    In a room in a house
    I went through three teachers so far.

    1. He was a good guy. I enjoyed my lessons, but I needed to move on
    2. I hated this guy. Kick ass player, sucky ass teacher and with a bad personality. He was on the phone once for a full 45 minute lesson
    3. My current teacher. Very humble, very nice and very caring as a teacher. He treats me as an equal. The more I mess up the more he makes fun of me and the better I get hte more he makes fun of me, but still I enjoy lessons. He has me working on a broad range or works (Hindemith, Du Style #2 and Arbans Characeristic Studies # 1). The Arban's I should have learned earlier, but I didnt. Oh well
  3. MJ

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    Jan 30, 2006
    John Rommel was "da bomb"
  4. DeerSlayer555

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    May 25, 2008
    My First teacher was awsome great player but he also liked video games alot so after a lesson or even during a lesson he would try to get me to play.

    My teacher right now is amazing!!! He is a jack of all trades. His main instruments are Accordian,Piano,Trombone,Trumpet,Vocals.But he plays literally every single instruments from contra bassoon to violin and cello.He has played trombone with Doc Severenson, Maynard Ferguson and many other greats.Now for the bad thing.He has a little memory problem.I know and talk to his sons and they have the same problem.So sometimes I'll show up and he won't be there or he will of forgotten. But the upside of that is that when my lesson starts at 5:30 and is supposed to end at 6:00 but it ushally goes to 7:00!!

    Other than that I love my teacher. He has taught me so much and made me such a better player!
  5. LJH

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    Feb 11, 2007
    Dayton, OH
    My teacher has been mentioned in the threads before. His name is Basil Drew and he teaches in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

    The breadth and depth of his experience as a highly respected player, band leader and teacher are eminent qualifications, but even more, he motivates me to learn and improve every day. A teacher who can teach, communicate, motivate and help create an intense desire to play better is highly valued and probably too rare. I hold Basil Drew in the highest regard for all he's doing to help me grow as a trumpet player.

    If trumpet playing were easy, everyone would be doing it.
  6. Graham

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    Jun 8, 2008
    Melbourne, Australia
    My first teacher was quite possibly the wisest dude I know. He was my mentor for about 10 years, and I still fall back on his teaching and methods to get me anywhere I need to go in my playing.

    Teacher number 2 was also amazing. He is the head of brass at the Victorian College of the Arts, (which is the most respected music/arts school in my state, and for some, Australia in general) and this guy got in my head and taught me to forget the fingers and the face, and paint a picture with everything I played. He would often write across the top of my page "WHAT AM I TRYING TO SAY?"

    Teacher number 3, I only had for six months, and he was more like a mate to me than a teacher. Amazing player, brilliant stylist.

    Current teacher is an absolute monster with all things technical, there's no end to what he can do with the instrument. Amazing guy, but haven't had enough time to make a full evaluation yet!

    So there ya go! I feel I've been pretty damn lucky so far!
  7. bagmangood

    bagmangood Forte User

    My main teacher (the one i've had at school) is one of the "weird" ones
    Bloody crazy, and bloody brilliant,
    Paid for college by gigging as a bass player (before out of high school), didn't take trumpet lessons until college, and now free-lances around boston, occasionally getting to play at symphony hall.
    He's one of the ones that teaches you and also functions as your shrink. Gotta love his comments and tangents (his description of them "I love tangents, they're orange and delicious")
  8. Huggy Bear

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    Aug 18, 2007
    Berea, OH
    I think the TM is my teacher, and it's DA BOMB, YO!!! You guys all teach me SOOOO much. There's not a luckier trumpet playing pimp on the plantet the old Huggy!!!! Fo' Shizzle!


    p.s. I'm hoping to get a lesson with Mr. Michael Sachs at some point. I'm working hard on his book every day so I can impress him. I have a long way to go, but I think I can make it! I want him to teach me the Haydn song!
  9. mchs3d

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    Sep 30, 2005
    Provo, UT
    I was fortunate enough to study with Bill Pfund for two years in high school. His sound is one the warmest, most colorful sounds I've ever heard. He also has an incredible ear. He told me that if he can't sing it, he can't play it! I come to find out later that he has perfect pitch (go figure ;) ).
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  10. trumpetnick

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    Nov 16, 2005
    Vidin, Bulgaria

    I doubt that you will manage to impress him with trumpet playing...unless you get your huggy bear to play ROFL

    As for my teachers...

    My Teacher at the Conservatory was (and I hope that he still is) an awesome trumpeter, fine teacher, though sometimes he was getting upset, because sepposedly I was not progressing as fast, as he wanted. But he gave me the basics and helped me resolve many problems concerning my trumpet playing. Then I had the possiblity of having few lessons with other teacher, Rod Frans and Murray Greig among others, which both are excellent trumpeter and teacher. Both were really cool, and Rod had such an extraordinary method to point out the defaults of my playing...He would almost never say what is wrong, but point out what is OK in some funny way, which would make me understand what is wrong as well, without stating it formally. Example:

    I had a lesson with him, on which I played the big (actually not that big, but certainly high and exposed) trumpet solo from Alpensinfonie (Strauss). At the previous lesson he gave me some directions about the mask and the way the face muscles shold be working in the high register (before starting lesson with him in the high register I had this "smile" mask and pulling too much the lips out). So, I played the scary stuff (and it was succesful), then he was looking on the left side of my face and said: On this side is OK!

    Another funny teacher I had is John Miller (RNCM, UK)...As I was a postgraduate student than, many times when I would ask him a question on basics of the kind: what to do to be able to play X or Y he would say: "You are old enough, sort it out yourself!" He was actually giving tips...but only when he felt, that the student would not manage without his help...all advices given with his funny scottish stuff.

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