"pro"level trumpet vs "student" level trumpet

Discussion in 'Horns' started by coolerdave, Mar 25, 2011.

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    SOoooo, how many clams does a redo like that run and say one valve needed replating and a few dents removed? Just sayin'...
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    Dec 22, 2008
    Student horns are made for parents that don't want to invest in a better instrument (regardless of the reason) cause Johnny or Suzie won't play beyond middle school. I see C'list Yammie 2335's listed all too often and the parent thinks, " I paid 1000 bucks and it was rarely played, I'll sell it for $800 (cuz it retails for more!!). Doesn't happen around here. If it's perfect, maybe $300.
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    PM sent.
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    Hello Ivan...I saw this tonight...and yes the owner would be happy to expand here. ( thats's me )

    3 months ago I bought a 57 LA Olds Ambassador. After playing it 90 days, I knew it needed some mods'. First thought was as new( bigger ) leadpipe to as they say open up the sound. To the point..I own a Jaeger-Diamond since Oct 2010. To diverge: I have owned many trumpets over 40 years of playing, ( except Monette, Lawler, ). Also I have spent 1000's on mods too. 2-3 tuneable bell setup on a few horns.Change this change that. Best way I can describe Ivan's Jaeger trumpets, is that they are " Giant Killers "

    Stainless steel valves, on and on. The Jaeger is 2 men spending 100's of hours doing every mod possible. With a 7 day trial, you cant lose. The sound is wonderful..I play next to a Schilke, a Calicchio, a Bach 37. My sound carries to back wall,,,and I can hear myself with NO problem, no matter how loud it gets.

    Back to the OLDS. So before I started another project, I called Ivan and told him what I had, what was on my mind. I also said I did not want to throw good money over bad. He suggested the braces be changed, an ultrasonic cleaning...and polishing the inside of the leadpipe.

    I sent it last week, and the job is already done. He really does turn work around fast! I've had the horn for 2 days, and I am blown away with the change. What Ivan suggested I do; no more no less..has really made a huge difference...did I mention he does a valve Alignment with the cleaning. I am huge on doing this,,it makes a positive difference. Some may balk...this is my opinion. I cannot be happier, as he said, lets do this, and see how you like it.

    I played it last night at a church rehearsal for Sunday the whole night. I highly recommend Ivan's work. He is very very fair for labor, the work is fast...and you have someone with a ton of experience to enhance your instrument. He did some work on my Yamaha Flugel too last year...open it up even more.

    I am sending my Jaeger One for the lead pipe brace mod. and the newer receiver. The way the Jaeger's are made now. Can wait for that.

    All I am doing is giving credit where its do. And he certainly deserves it!

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