Problems with cleaning silver plated trumpets.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by FutureBC, Jan 9, 2010.

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    As mentioned above, silver will discolor. I touched base with my son who is a chemical engineer and deals with metals. However, on a side note, he did warn me about sweat from my hands which can act as an acid and cause discoloration and tarnish. I am assuming that you have a hand guard.

    Tarnishield by 3M great product. I also use Hagerty's silversmiths' liquid polish which contains R-22 tarnish preventative. Non-abrasive and easy to use. Hagerty also has other products including a glove for cleaning.

    Another excellent product is Allaro Deluxe polishing wipes. Great for touch ups each week to keep tarnish, dirt and fingerprints off all instruments. Also great on brass instruments. Available at: Band & Orchestra instruments and accessories with free shipping and low price guarantee from The Woodwind & Brasswind since 1978

    Oh, also keep a silver instrument clean takes a lot of elbow grease...
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    Some people clean 'em, some people play 'em! :D

    I've always been nervous about damaging the horn, especially in really hot water - perhaps that risk is only with the lacquer? I don't think we have really hard water here, but I've never had any silver tarnish issues that couldn't be wiped away with a plain old soft cloth (think diaper cloth), or the standard tarnish cloth from the local music store for stubborn issues.
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    Yes hot water will damage some of the older lacquer coatings....only use hot water on silver plated trumpets unless you like raw brass ;)

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