Professionals do no always know what is best for recreational players

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpetsplus, Apr 24, 2014.

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    Feb 11, 2014
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    I certainly have to agree with you. And think what a difference it would have made with Bix Beiderbeck had he been conservatory trained. And Bix wasn't even from New Orleans! Poor Bix, forgotten because of lack of training.
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    Sep 5, 2013
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    Ivan's point is valid. Hard-to-play instruments can be very discouraging. My current trumpet is rather hard to play; I'm treating it as a learning opportunity, since it really exaggerates inherent intonation problems, and that's a useful challenge. But it also makes me hesitant to pick up the trumpet and play it, since I have to really fight it. I will soon want an easier trumpet to play.
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    Apr 8, 2010
    Thank you Ivan for your information. How often do we read from original posters seeking guidance in areas from what equipment to use to how to perform certain musical passages, etc. Only to read from more advanced players a myriad of conflicting data. Even good teachers, when they can be found, do not always provide the guidance necessary in an attempt to be politically correct and not offend.

    I am a recreational player, and at my age, having re-started about four years ago, when I turned sixty, I do not hope to be another Louis Armstrong or Bill Bixby, but do work to be better today than I was yesterday and better yet the next day.

    Patience is a virtue of the old, and everyone will reach that point someday in their lives.

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    Are you talking about the Getzen SD? Do you have the original mpc? Some older horns work best with their original mpc. My Blessing Super Artist plays best with the original mpc, a Blessing 13. Other mpcs will work, but intonation can be wonkie with some and I will get that "fighting" feeling.
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    I didn't know the Incredible Hulk was a trumpet player...:lol:
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    Didn't work out Dale! Anger management issues! :roll:
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    wow --thanks Ivan for reminding me of YET another one of my blunders in life. My friend Ron blows the Shofar (Ram's Horn at his congregation), and at an event I happened to catch up with him a few weeks ago, I asked if he would like to "be better" at the Shofar, and that I had a trumpet in great working condition I would give him. I explained if he could play long tones on the trumpet, and a few other simple exercises -- he would strengthen his embouchure and make the Shofar easier to blow.
    So -- I mailed Ron the trumpet (Holton Collegiate by the way) -- and also sent him a short note and music file "this trumpet will play a solid Double G, and also can play the Double High C -- it can do everything you need it to do."

    RON doesn't even play trumpet, and apparently has never picked one up ---- I suppose I just screwed up his Shofar embouchure, and introduced him to a trumpet, that he THINKS is automatically easy to play high notes on!!!! --------------------------------------------------

    thanks for the article Ivan ---- even KT can learn something new everyday!!!!!!

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