Professional's Horns Stolen -- Keep an Eye Out!

Discussion in 'Horns' started by MUSICandCHARACTER, Nov 1, 2004.


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    Jan 31, 2004
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    Tim Wendt sent me this email this evening:

    Bill Churchville's trumpet, flugal & case were stolen at a gig on Oct. 30 in Santa Monica. Specific information is available with the link to his web site.

    No one else watches out for us except us. Rentacops are worthless.


    Black Pro Tec horn case
    Conn Vintage-One trumpet
    Couesnon flugelhorn
    several custom mouthpieces

    Take a look at the webpage. Some horns that cannot be replaced. He will take them back no questions asked. So if you see someone (eBay or elsewhere) selling something like this, you might drop Bill Churchville a note.

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    Dec 6, 2003
    Man, that really sucks. I hope he has some spare horns. Maybe he can borrow some.

    Actually, I remember a story about a teacher of mine(screw it, it's Jim Spragg, he won't mind :roll: ) who was playing the Stratford festival for the summer and came back into the city for a few days for some gigs. Somehow he managed to forget all his horns(and mouthpieces, and cases, and mutes) at his place in Stratford. He called up a friend of his, Ronny Romm(of Canadian Brass fame) to borrow some equipment. I can imagine it now, "Hey Ron. I was wondering if I could borrow a spare trumpet of yours. And a case and some mouthpieces and maybe a piccolo." lol! Apparently he went over to Ron's place and he was like "Yeah, take that one, and that one, and oh! You'll really like that horn. Grab that too." I heard this story from him because I was wondering how a symphony musician had come to acquire a Schilke B1b instead of the standard Strad 37. Apparently Ron had lent him that horn and he liked it so much he bought it from him.

    That story just sorta struck me funny. :-)

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