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    Nov 8, 2006
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    Short note on my quest for improvement.

    Spent the summer taking lessons from Kevin Hartman. We both think that I progressed a lot.

    Got to feeling that my mouthpiece was holding me back and perhaps it was time to re-evaluate. A GR consultation from Charlie's Brass Works was discussed but I stumbled across an inexpensive, closeout Giardinelli 10C on ebay, which is about the size that works for me. I'd tried some other Giardinelli pieces before, and they work well on my horns but the sizes were too big for me (3 and 5).

    Glad I took the chance. Tone much better. No longer fighting to play the high and low registers in tune. Articulations much improved. Endurance much improved. I look forward to getting to know and love this piece and progressing to the next level of playing. I have to unlearn the accommodations I was making for the previous piece I was playing. :-)

    I have to admit that I was wrong about the incessant "get a teacher". I thought I could figure it out for myself and, hey, I had a forum! I did a lot better by ignoring the forum and listening to the teacher, Charlie, and friend Eric Sperry, who gets a special award for "listening to yammering."

    Onward in my quest to be the best trumpet player in the community band!


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