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    Jan 21, 2010

    I am working through Claude Gordon Physical Approach. I am up to Lesson 7, stuck at the bottom. Top Space E was the final bar I could complete without my throat feeling like its blowing up. I tried the Top line F but it literally feels like the air is separating my tubes.

    I am now working on the Trumpet Method, warmup exercises and Etudes by Anthony Plog.

    Everything seems to be coming together well and it is a little hard to believe the sound that is now happening is actually me.

    These are 2 great books to have a long side the Arbans. I kind of like having more than one book, feels a little more 'resourceful' going through more books. It feels more like I am 'doing school' as such having more than 1 book.

    Very excited.

    Just like to thank everybody here for trying to help as much as was possible 'on line' but I can now see why, particularly for trumpet, a teacher in person is a must.
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    Gxman, glad that you are making progress.

    Incidentally, I went along to a masterclass with Anthony Plog at the Royal College of Music here in London last week (just observing, I'm not at the RCM). He is a very good communicator and for 3 hours he went through principles and then gave detailed reviews and suggestions to students on their audition pieces. He has a very friendly way about him, tells some funny stories. He really focused in on telling a story no matter what the music and on doing everything as musically as possible. To demonstrate what he meant, he played some simple warm up exercises and scales and they were just beautiful. I might folow your lead and get a copy of his Warm Up excercises too...

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