progressing through an embouchure change

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trmpt_plyr, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Jun 12, 2009
    If you read my last post, I'm currently going through an embouchure change. Right now I'm doing okay, as I'm improving every day. My range goes from bottom f# to middle g (the one that's two lines into the staff). If therere any other people out there who have done embouchure changes, do you have any good tips and excercises at helping the people who have switched embouchures progress quickly?
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    I haven't made an embouchure change, but I want to congratulate you publicly on the progress you're making. Your range as you state it is much like the range that young beginners often show, so if nobody who has made the switch offers any insights I would recommend that you simply get back to first-year books such as "The Cornet Student Level I" part of the Student Instrumental Course published currently by Alfred (formerly by Warner Brothers and originally by Belwin Mills) and simply follow it page by page from the beginning.

    Be wary of trying to progress quickly -- just as beginners need time to develop their embouchure, you also need time to establish your new embouchure. Patience now will pay off huge dividends eventually. Rush things now and push faster/further than your muscles are capable of doing and you can ruin your embouchure.
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    Only the same advise that every player ought to listen to...practice, practice, practice.

    I'm a comeback player, and after playing for 2 years again, my range was back to high F (1st F above the staff), but my tone quality and responsiveness weren't worth crap. I started taking lessons from the local guru about a year ago, and he recommended a major embrouchure change. While he didn't worry too much about the side to side placement (everyone's teeth are different), I was playing way too far down - 10% upper lip and 90% lower. He didn't tell me I had to make the change, but he recommended it, and he prepared me for some rough times ahead.

    OK, now its a year later. My tone quality has dramatically improved, my control and response have improved. But...I am only reliable to a top of the staff G. On a good day B-flat and C's play OK. After a year, still a work in progress. And I am still taking lessons trying to improve all the other facets of my playing.

    Keep working at it. Its not fast, and there is no way to make it go faster. But for me the change has been worth it.

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