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    The beauty, and surprise, of this is that you often don't see the change coming. The rotten things sneak up on you, and one day you think - poop - I couldn't get that yesterday, and now it's a snack - what happened, who am I, who bought my soul.

    I've got to the point where I test myself - I have one piece of music - a simple trumpet solo "Londonderry Aire" (Danny Boy) and strangely it has a number of just so slightly awkward parts in it - some quick descending progressions, an octave jump, some piano, some slurring, some gentle accents, and I have NEVER played it correctly.

    Oh, I've got the notes correctly but there is always some little bit that niggles at me, so I work on that - last night, after your initial post, and band practice, I came home and NAILED it. I was so pleased with myself I went to bed a happy boy - mind you, I'm mostly happy - I don't have enough years left to waste them being miserable. ;-)

    Remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel - just be careful which tunnel. :-P
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    Reread the askers post he said he has been playing for 18 months.
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    Yes genius, I got that part - go back and read what I said about that in my post that you quoted. I also referenced the 18 months in my post in this thread previous to that one.

    What I don't know is if they are approaching the horn as a kid, or as an adult coming to the instrument later in life - it makes a difference in how to formulate a response. I've been playing trumpet for about 30 years, so if I'm talking to an adult player, it's going to be a bit different than talking to a middle school or high school kid because the expectation and level of patience is considerably different between the three.
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    I answer posts in a similiar context as trickg -- if they are adult, then I expect they have some patience, discipline, and reasonable goals. --If they are in there teens, then I consider they want high notes, and don't have the same aptitude and discipline to practice several hours a day.

    whether that assessment is fair or not -- is only my opinion
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    18 months - with my diaper analogy, we are looking at 6 to 12 months left - if he regularly fills his pants and the teacher potty trains.

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