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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Borgatt, Dec 22, 2008.

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    If you really want results from the chain store near you, haul yourself down there w/ a downpayment in hand, and a copy of your e-corrrespondence with Getzen. Email is convenient but easy to back-burner, telephoning is good but still not as good as making eye-to-eye contact. Say you really wanted to give them the business for a fairly large sale, and that it was apparent using the earlier methods of communicating they did not want your money so you came in person to find out why.

    Tell them: "All my musician friends were betting it would be a waste of time, but I'd really rather have a local contact than one in the US, especially for a purchase of this magnitude. So I came in hoping to prove them wrong."

    You can stand there while they call the factory and order your horn (which I am sure they will) and they will be eager to take money from you, give you a receipt confirming your order, and you can ask to be forwarded any correspondence (e-or otherwise)between them and Getzen.

    I guarantee they will remember you and you will have made a connection not possible without using your face.
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    What a BRILLIANT suggestion! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Good people....I tell you the truth...this man is a prophet!!! Hear the words that he says and know that they are true!!!!!
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    Just recieved my Blessing BCR-XLS from WWBW.com and I did it thru online purchasing and I recieved it faster that I thought. Tracking of the package was watched closely canuse of the anticipation of the Cornet.

    I got it on the Friday and I thought it would be Monday at the least. The horn was packaged well and so far I am pleased with it.

    I too was looking, if I had won the lottery I would have bought the 470/K2 Smith Watkins Cornet. One used in many SA bands. The sound I'm looking for.

    the Blessing BCR-XLS is the next best cornet for me. I'm comfortable with it, and I'm confident when I'm playing it.

    Good luck on your purchase. Remember the Horn, the MP and the player combined make the sound we are looking for. It's a combination of all the above.

    Just like bowling, I never knew there was the technical side of bowling, the oil on the lanes and the arrows, and all else. but this is a trumpet site and I shall keep it trumpet / Cornet.

    thanks for listening
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    Nov 5, 2008
    I agree with ROWUK's responce! Let Getzen know that their "Dealer Face" is not doing them any favors with their poor customer service. I hate to say it but the day I moved back to North America from Europe I said it then and I will say it now "Their is no customerservice in America!" and now it appears to have infected Canada as Well!!! It is the big box mantality which I never understood how that happens to a small business but it does. What I think happens is that too many people judge themselfs and their customerservice by the lowest possable denominator which is also usualy the large chain stores that rule the supply chain.
  6. veery715

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    Mar 6, 2007
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    Clark Howard, the radio talk-show finance guru, calls it customer-no-service. While it may be a sad-but-true generalization about USA businesses, don't forget that communication is always a two-way street.

    If we want something we need to be able to articulate what it is, and we need to be willing to make an effort to be sure we are heard. It is very easy to fall back on the anonymity of email, forum, and telephone. If possible, don't be shy; take the bull by the horns. Use the phone to call the company president. If it is possible, go there. Start a converstion with the person at the counter/front desk, and ask to speak to a higher-up if you are not satisfied. Take it up as far as you have to go to get the result you want. Be assertive in the knowledge you are right and entitled to the service and respect due a customer. Be polite and respectful and friendly, but be firm too. You will get results this way, I promise.

    And never go public with your complaint until you have first done what I recommend above, and have not gotten your due. Bad "mouthing" a vendor/service provider to hundreds of forum readers, without first exhausting all other avenues, is just plain bad manners and will not resolve anything.

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