Purpose of Flexibility Exercises

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Friggin' Nomad, Jun 8, 2012.

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    Yes, as a professor was fond of saying, "Trumpet playing will make you a humble man." This is only true if you listen honestly and remember all of the hours that each mastery took you to accomplish. To play something at a faster tempo will cause the mistakes to be shorter, but they will still be there. Muscle memory. Practice until you CAN"T get it wrong unless you consciously have to think about it. BORING but necessary (for me, anyway.)
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    Flexibility is the ability to change from one note to another. Sometimes it involves notes with the same fingering (lip slurs) sometimes not. If we are really good, we can do it quickly, too. The trick is to start slowly (as mentioned above) and memorize where the notes sit. This requires time and concentration.

    Have fun!
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    True... so true... with experience, comes flexibility. Getting comfortable as to what note you are coming from to what note you are going to will make flexibility so easy to accomplish.
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    oh -- I get it now --- you have to think ahead, if you are improvising, the mind has to be at least 2 notes ahead of your fingers!!!!!!!! -- ROFL ROFL ROFL
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    You did get it. I find that when I think ahead, my fingers follow. If I don't think ahead, then I want to stick two fingers into my mind!!!!!

    Three Stooges eye poke - YouTube
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    We are creatures of habit. We learn to read by memorizing patterns, we learn to play by repeating motion patterns.

    Flexibility exercizes are merely additional patterns for us to turn into habits - for recall as playing situations demand. They are multi part habits - the first is the recognition (eye/ear->brain) and the second is the actual movement pattern itself )brain->fine motor activity).

    Once we get the message that this is how our body works, we realize that it is the depth in which we do things that help us increase our musical vocabulary. Breathing patterns are every bit as critical as the actual played notes.
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    Maybe that's why players play "eyes closed"! :roll:
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    Oooohhhh Wissse guy!! Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck.:roll:

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