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    Feb 25, 2004
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    I know that Schilke has always had the reputation of being very well built, great playing horns. Here's my question. As you guys know, I'm looking for a new horn and a Schilke is in the running. Since Naumann took over, has the quality changed any? Are Schilke's still of the same caliber? Responses from those who have played new Schilke horns would be appreciated. Thanks guys.
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    Nov 5, 2003
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    I've played a few of the new Schilkes and all of them were great straight out of the box.


  3. DrunkIQ

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    Nov 21, 2003
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    Yes, they are the same. I meet Andrew back in February and learned that his is a very tedious type of person. He was a perfect match to take over Schilke.

    Schilke is still a very small trumpet builder making on average 22-25 instruments a week for the world. Schilke exclusively makes professional instruments which are at a quality that exceeds most custom builders.

    They start with a valve set and build out. They even make their own valve set and valves in house! They do not even use jigs! Because of this they are free from the stress inherent in most assemblies that rely on clamps and fixtures. As you may already know their valve sections have very tight tolerances and they hand fit each brace and scrape each horn rather then use a de-lead solution to clean excess solder from the joints. All of this is better aesthetically and Schilke believes it makes the joint stronger. Schilke has always been more concerned with quality and not quantity.

    I have heard the stories about someone sitting there looking at the bell from all angles in the light to make sure it is flawless before they are allowed to leave. I don’t know about you but this is the attention to detail that I want in any product.

    In February, when I saw the new horns lined in up I inspected them I can tell you that it was almost surreal. They are immaculate, every slide and valve moved perfectly, every joint was flawless and it was like holding a piece of art.


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