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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Ocdlaw, Oct 26, 2015.

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    I had one thought about the placement of the performers and the microphones. Recently our church did a piece with 5 or 6 singers and a flute (these were not professional singers, but the flute player was a professional), and the flute player was directly behind the singers and was picked up by the same mic. That was a big mistake and the sound board operator couldn't do anything about the balance, the flute really overpowered the singers. I would recommend that the singers and any instruments be on separate mics so that the volume to the speakers can be balanced at the board
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    Dinah and Maynard. Not really my cup of tea.... And remember they were in a network TV studio with every kind of audio gear available at the time and multiple top-notch engineers to tweak it. You can't say the same thing for most local churches. (Certainly not at my local church where I AM the sound engineer, as well as choir member, brass guy, board treasurer, and a few other things.)

    Getting a bunch of soloists together and expecting them to play together as a group frequently does not work at all. I remember when Louis Armstrong died, one of the network TV shows got together a bunch of the big names in jazz of that day to pay tribute to Louis. It was a long time ago and don't remember who they all were, although I think Dizzy may have been on the trumpet. After the stories were told and the great man lauded, the host asked the assembled jazz stars to play a tune in tribute to Louis. It was without question one of the worst performances I have ever heard on TV, and these were all very big name guys. But they were all used to being the star of the show, not a member of the ensemble. Apologies for the digression....
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    My wife is a singer. She has been touring in Europe a lot. (That's where we met. I'm French) She is mainly singing Gospel. I play for our church twice a month (different choirs - different musicians) and she sings as well. Trumpet/voice/choir along with b3, guitar and drums are always a good match. If the voices are real good, you can cut through with a sound resembling a ginsu knife. (Last Sunday, I did a whole song between the G set above the 5th line and the G an octave higher! That was the bomb!!!)
    For other work where you want to melt with the voice, I love my flugelhorn. And if I don't carry it everywhere, I always have my Giardinelli 10FL with me, and play it on my old trumpet (a 1910 Chas E George VEGA STANDARD!) The combination is sensational.

    By the way, we'll perform at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans again this year. (twice)

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