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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by bach37, Apr 19, 2012.

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    QUOTE Ed Mann: That's just not correct. There's more than one way to do it. Roger Ingram details that well in his book, as have others.

    Reread the the post friend.
    I said the " biggest ", not the only.

    Every player who's has ever played C4 has done it exactly the same way. WHY ? Because there's only one way to do it
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  2. kingtrumpet

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    my name is ken --- and though it is possible to hit a double C and the D above that, it is quite impossible for me to play it with any reliability, on key, or even sounding realistically like a note. I can play an F scale on a regular basis in 3 octaves -- and sometimes the high F sounds respectable ----- sometimes I can get the G and an A above that and play an "out of tune" 5 bar riff ---- my name is ken, and I have not tried to hit a double C for almost a week now ---- I will fall of the perverbial lower scale trumpet wagon in a few days --- I know, it happens every few weeks --- and I still don't have a reproducible, accurate, or decent sounding Dubba C --------- and I will still be OK ----- for a few weeks, anyhow ROFL ROFL ROFL
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  3. Mark_Kindy

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    Rowuk, what Cody mentioned was the reflection point-- it's supposed to move from a point inside the bell, to outside the bell, around high F/G, which causes less feedback/resistance from the horn as less energy is reflected.
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    I thought the Double Hi-C discussions here were all about Fruit Juice! Isn't it?
  5. duderubble

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    Oct 21, 2011
    Thanks for that reply. I'd say he definitely owns the G on the top of the staff, comfortable enough to play a solo for church with that (hasn't done it yet working on it for next month). He's working on all the other aspects as well taking weekly lessons and practicing fairly diligently.
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    I hate it when you talk about me! Why not just come out and name names! ........:-(
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    Sorry guys, you are all fascinated by the double C, but you are all old-fashioned people : long ago that the double C is routine for me, I'm now working hard to perfect my TRIPLE C. And in a good day, I can hit a QUADRUPLE C, but I confess it is a little thin ... ::thumbsup:: :shock: :-P
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    I refuse to believe that unless I can see photographic proof!

  9. Dupac

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    Since you are my friend, I give you my secret: before hitting the quadruple C, you have to cleanse the mouthpiece with sandpaper!
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    I guess my standards are a little bit lower. I would be pumped if I could playthe High Eb in the Hadyn musically the second time through it.
    I would exergerate saying how high my range is if I could hold on to one of those notes long enough to be able to identify it.

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