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    In the Arbans book, page 197, "THE HEART BOWED DOWN.", on the last measure of line two and the 3rd to last measure of line 3, there are turns with slashes in the middle. I've never seen turns with slashes in the middle before, and I was wondering what the slash in the middle does. Is it a change of notes, key signature, or rhythm?

    The bad thing about turns, is there is no consistancy among different sources, but I really haven't been able to find out what the slash in the middle is. I know that those type of turns, if flipped horizontally, it change the order of notes. But both of these are facing the same direction. Thanks.
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    Germany covers EVERYTHING except this one. The same goes for the Arban chapter on embellishment

    A vertical line going through an embellishment generally means that you play the main note first (like the mordent).

    In this case the third last measure really only lets you play it like this: Play the G then the embellishment as a, g, F#, g then the written 16th. That would also work in the 13th bar and would be consistent.
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    Thanks from all of us readers for the information.
    Note: The link as shown in the above post does not work directly. The closing parenthesis is not included in the link so Wikipedia sees: Ornament (music and does not display the article. It is necessary to re-enter into the Wikipedia search box the complete title including the closing parenthesis in order for it to work.

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