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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by a marching trumpet, May 19, 2010.

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    I tend (for our marching musc) to make a full blown score on Finale with original markings and all. During concert season I'll just note on mine and leave it alone. On ordered music, like the Hummel Concerto, I always make a copy to write on. However, whenever I look at the pages where I had just taken notes on... I could turn it into a novel. I currently tend to on any notes I miss consecutively (after I had already made notes, and not paid attention the second time) or to note a dynamic level or certain articulation I use highlighters. Blue=Take note of what you need to play or key signature: Yellow=Make note of dynamic level or Articulation, or both
    However just the note taking: But yeah, Would it (in your minds) be beneficial if I create a permanante note taking system and write it down on a sheet of paper, so months from now I go back and im not guessing what I wrote down?
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    The finest music is made with pencils.
    The important part is your preparation. If you research the works before playing them, you understand a lot more and that reduces the need to write a book.

    If you are paying attention, you grow musically with every piece that you play. That should make notes much less important.

    The key is preparation and not being a dummy.
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    My High School Band Director would never gave us students the original parts, only copies. Moreover, he didn't even trust us to get our music to the performances! He would collect all the music folders before the performance and transport them himself.

    It's obvious that he taught High School music for a very long time. ROFL
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    Do you ever read what you wrote before you hit "submit?" I'm not sure how much research a kid can do for works in a jazz band class, and especially not considering that it's often in those environments where the decision is made to go "off piste" (i.e., they don't play the ink) anyway.

    Now that I'll agree with - again, most of the time standard music notation can be penciled in for the appropriate notes that are needed for the necessary reminders for the player. I'm a fan of penciling things in - it hedges your bets against making silly mistakes like temporarily forgetting the key, or missing a repeat sign or other road map symbol.

    Sometimes "not being a dummy" means penciling in as many notes as needed so that the player gets through the chart without a mistake.

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