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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by surfingmusicman, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Local 357,

    I tried to PM you, but trumpetmaster said you've elected not to receive PMs.

    I've read a quite a few of your posts and have gotten a lot out of them, and was wondering if I could bug you to get your thoughts. Your posts have been so helpful that I'd be willing to pay you at whatever your normal lesson rate is for your time (feel free to PM me for this).

    I'm not a professional, but am a dedicated commercial/jazz player (with a day job). I'm 34-year-old comeback player (quit in my early 20's and started again a couple years ago) and practice about 8-12 hours a week. My range always topped at about a high D or C (two ledgers above the staff), which is the same range I'd had since I was about 13 years old.

    I've been working daily over the past two years to increase range, and have increased my power in my existing range significantly, but only increased my actual playable range to about a high E or F (and I only can hit that about 60% of the time).

    I've tried the Maggio System (which helped), The Balanced Embrouchure (which made me want to throw my trumpet against the wall, and didn't help at all), and recently The Real Way to Play the Cat Anderson Trumpet Method (verdict not in on this yet).

    I'm a receded-jaw player, and the only way I've been able to increase my range (in addition to Maynard's/Shew's yoga breath) is by allowing my bottom lip to recede significantly under my upper lip (an idea which I think I got from one of your posts), which brings the angle of my horn down dramatically.

    HOWEVER, I've always wanted to be a forward-jaw player (I must admit partially because it looks cool, haha). But (in addition to my own observations) I've read some of your posts in which you state your opinion that the forward-jaw embrouchure lends itself more easily to high notes.

    It's important to me to increase my range because my lack of range is inhibiting me. There are plenty of times when I'm soloing, or playing in a band, but can't play the lick that I want or that's called for in the chart because I don't have the range.

    Do you think it would be helpful for me to try to re-adjust my embrouchure to have a forward-jaw setting? If so, what do you think would be the best method to accomplish this change?

    I've recently been experimenting with a forward-jaw setting (in large part because of the Cat Anderson method) and am barely able to play anything with that setting. However, last night (after my chops were trashed from an exhausting practice session) I squeaked out a high D with my jaw forward at a low volume with almost no effort. Although I wasn't able to recreate it today, I'm curious whether spending significantly more time trying to re-adjust would be a worthwhile pursuit?

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    surfingmanmusic, it is to my knowledge that Local is still banned.

    On that note, I would HIGHLY recommend you taking lessons from Larry Meregillano. I took a few lessons with him over the summer and he took me from a person with a weak range to filling out my range and adding a usable 4th to it. The guy knows his stuff and has a great pedagogy

    Larry Meregillano: Trumpet Lessons

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