Questions on Conn designed by Schilke?

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    I've got a question concerning the Conn 19A/21A/early 16A: were they designed by Schilke*, and where is that stated? See below...

    [in reference to the Conn 19A/21A Director cornets; scan courtesy Christine Derksen/Conn Loyalist]
    I've heard that the underslung tube design was so that the same valve block could be used by both trumpets and cornets (that was changed in 1978, when the 16A was redesigned to look more like an Olds Ambassador). That makes sense, but where was Schilke in all of this?
    Also, was it Renold Schilke personally, or people at Schilke? If it was Renold, then was a tag supposed to be "Conn designed by Renold Schilke" to compete with "Bundy designed by Vincent Bach"? It might have to do with the fact that Schilke designed brasses for Yamaha, but where did something like the 19A come from?

    All ideas welcome. If I get an answer, I'll put it on my post-Elkhart Conn site.

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