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    Nov 10, 2009
    I have three question

    First off I'm a junior in highschool I'm currently in Jazz Band I (out of three) Symphonic I and II (I play french horn in Sym II) and the symphony orchestra.

    I'm really interested in pursuing music as a career and have been looking at a few music schools across the country, and as I've been looking at the audition requirements I've noticed "two contrasting etudes" on almost, if not, every school. My first question is what would be the best book for etudes of the sort.

    Second question: as I previously mentioned I'm playing french horn in my sym II class. I just started playing this year and I'm wondering if this will be detrimental to my trumpet embouchure?

    Third and final question: I prefer to play on large mouthpieces. Over the past three years I've played on a 1 1/2C for Concert and A 1D for marching. I've had no problems playing with a good tone and "in their faces" as my director would say, but I have had problems maintaing my extreme range with these, because I get fatigued easily with them. Is there any mouthpiece that will help keep my endurance but have the same feel as the others?

    Thanks for reading
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    1) Contact the various music schools (trumpet professor) that you are interested in what are the best etude books to prepare yourself to go to their school.
    2) Will it be detrimental? Has it been detrimental so far? If there's no problem, don't look for one.
    3)If you feel the size is causing fatigue, then go smaller. Unfortunately, there's a prevailing wind in the trumpet world that says "If you sound great on a medium or small mouthpiece, then you'll sound super great on a toliet bowl size mouthpiece." This is just balony.
    Go to a friendly music store that has mouthpieces and try on different sizes. I play a Bach 10 1/2 C and it works great! It's what fits for me.
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    I'd echo the previous responder on the French Horn and etude things.

    As far as the mouthpiece, any significant change will take some time to adjust to. I'd suggest backing off to a 3C. It's still a fairly large mouthpiece, but many people play them without undue fatigue. Of course, the jury's always out on mouthpieces, what works for thousands of over people may not work for you....

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    Jun 18, 2006
    The well rounded player needs to have an Arban book. That would be one source of etudes in any case. Charlier, Hering, Brandt are other books with etudes suitable for what you are looking for. The NY Phil requested a Charlier etude a couple of years back for a trumpet audition.

    It is my belief that the player needs to have the required etudes MEMORIZED to really do an optimal job. Get started soon.

    The big mouthpiece endurance thing....

    Yeah, a 1 1/2C is fairly big, but not your problem. The problem is that playing massively wastes the face. It is possible to back off a bit and not change mouthpieces - still getting the endurance increase. This involves understanding what you are playing better and substituting smart musicality for the raw power presently in use. When we learn to play WITH the music instead of CONQUERING it, musical life gets MUCH easier!

    If we get serious in our look at mouthpieces, we see that the magical powers are seldom more than a thousandth of an inch. That makes most of the difference more in concept than in actual strain.

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