Rachmaninov : Symphonic Dances, Janacek : Taras Bulba

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    Howdy folks,

    Catching up on some work before my day off tomorrow, Whit Friday Marches (http://www.whitfriday.brassbands.saddleworth.org/intro.html), going to need plenty of Chop Saver after this!!

    Anyway, listening to the following CD , North German Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by John Eliot Gardiner play Rachmaninov : Symphonic Dances, Janacek : Taras Bulba.

    (Deutsche Grammophon, 445 838-2)

    I played the Rachmaninov some years ago with National Youth Orchestra of Ireland (www.nyoi.ie) and really enjoyed it. If I remember we did Janacek Sinfonietta the following year (Mahler 5 was the "other half" of the program!), and Tarus Bulba the year after I left.

    Anyway, I quite enjoy the above CD. Anyone else played these works or have any comments?

    Manny? :)
  2. Manny Laureano

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    Sep 29, 2004
    Taras Bulba is a wonderful oratorio. Isn't there a high Eb in there somewhere? Maybe I'm mixing it up with something else.

    We recorded the Rachmaninoff with maestro Oue several years ago. It's one of my favorite pieces to play. Very exciting and, again, requires great subdividing ability.

  3. davidquinlan

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    Not sure about the high Eb in Tarus Bulba, are you mixing it up with Janacek's "Glagolitic Mass'' ?

    I'm sure I heard that performed last year at the Proms by the BBC Scottish Symphony (Mahler 7 in the second half). Their Principal Trumpet (and my former teacher) Mark O'Keeffe was on wicked form (as usual) that night. I seem to remember he used Picc for parts of the Janacek which may be what you are referring to.

    Symphony Orchestra + Choir + Organ in the Albert Hall, SPINE CHILLING STUFF!!


    Supplimentary Question! Janacek Sinfonietta? that has to be a trumpeters favourite. I played it a few years ago, again with National Youth Orchestra of Ireland. Apparently, recently here in the UK, a chap hired the Royal Festival Hall, London Philharmonic lock stock and barrell to get them to play the Sinfoneitta for his missus as it is her favourite piece!! I'm sure it made the news here, but I can't find any references..
  4. Bill Dishman

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    Nov 22, 2003
    Gainesville, Florida
    Janacek Sinfonietta

    Many years ago in a time far far away.....I checked out an LP record at the public library of the Sinfonietta by Czech Philharmonic. I was in the 7th grade then and this piece impressed me so much (Taras Bulba was on the other side of the record as well.) That I returned it after two weeks and waited around for the librarian to stock it back so I could "hide" it until the next day when I could check it out again.
    Kept that record for 4 months that way and literally wore it out. My friends would come over and listen with me and be bowled over with the brass playing in both pieces.

    The Sokol Fanfare (opening and closing of the Sinfonietta) is sometimes done on its own to open a festival or perhaps the 2nd half of a program.

    Bill Dishman
    Gainesville, Florida

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