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    Nov 8, 2011
    I bet you thought, "Oh Great! It's another noob who wants to hit a high C." Well, you're wrong! I'm having the opposite problem :shock: As my range increases, I've noticed two things: I'm using more of my upper lip??? And playing the lower register is harder now! :( Any tips to improve my LOWER register? I can still play it with decent tone, but it sounds airy compared of the solid sound I'm getting in my mid-upper range. Oh, and how can I stop myself from the occasional use of pressure when I'm fatigued? So maybe there was some high notes involved, but that's just a side-note :-P
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    I would suggest you are using too much tension in the chops to ascend and not enough air support and this is carried over into the low register, relax the chops and think of warm air when going low.

    When I am getting tired towards the end of a long gig and find I am using more pressure it is usually that my air support has reduced and I have to think more of it.

    Regards, Stuart.
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    You have to maintain a focus in the embouchure in all ranges. This will require the proper use of air to ascend and descend. Take this with a grain of salt, but it sounds like you're overloosening in the lower register, and losing the focus in your sound (similar thing happens for most players I've talked to). Maintain focus, and use your air to achieve your lower register.

    Stumac is absolutely right in my opinion about pressure and air support. However, I'd add something of my own: You'll use pressure to compensate for when your lips can no longer keep themselves closed enough against the flow of air. It's a matter of just training up those muscles. Fatigue is the body's way of telling you to stop; pressure results because the body can't handle it anymore. The best way to avoid pressure is to train the muscles properly, and don't work them to death.
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    Dec 9, 2009
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    Irons book
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    Playing 2 octave chromatic scales from the bottom (F#) to the top of your range will help with this "issue". When you get to the top of each scale, try to "pull" the horn away from your face w/o breaking your seal with the mpc. This will force you to use better support for your upper register. Too much pressure will hurt you lip, usually the top.
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    Yes -- or think of it like this when ascending ---- instead of pulling the horn away from the face --think of it as holding the HORN away from the face, and pushing your lips to the horn ---- just a different MIND PERSPECTIVE thing --- but psychology, and how you think, is actually a part of how you play -- -just as much as having conditioned lips --IMHO
  7. rowuk

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    I would say that your method is missing something important. That is normally what we take lessons for. Without seeing and hearing you, no real system can be recommended to "fix" a problem.

    The most intelligent way to approach the trumpet is to do it right the first time. Unlearning habits is much harder. Playing until something is broken and then trying to figure what went wrong when is kind of defeating the purpose. I teach breathing, body and attitude first, then adding the lips, then making music. Everything after that is only to strengthen one of those 5 things. Even "experienced" players coming to me for help get the same treatment. Most of the problems are with the first two although weak attitude is on the climb.
  8. Bob Grier

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    Can't say without seeing and hearing you play, but you may not be spending enough time in th elower reegister. You need to spend most od you time in th emiddle register with equal amounts of time in th elower and upper registers. this may clear up by itself if you spend more time down low. If you don't see any improvement in two weeks get a teacher such as myself you can help you.

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