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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by msodasoccer51, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Sep 21, 2010
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    Go on youtube and search for 'Roger Ingram compression technique.' This is no gimmick, he's taking a look at the physiology of the lung cavity and capacity and the best way to fill the diaphragm AND lungs to their full potential.

    I have been practicing this and it's awkward at first but getting better, it is amazing what strong chops augmented by the biggest column of air you can possibly generate can do. It also creates a better tone because it is based on airflow and not merely squeezing fast air through squeezed lips.
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    You know, I cant realy remember anything I ever heard that I realy wanted to listen to in the range we are talking about here. Maybe its just sour grapes because I have never been above high D, at least not by accident anyway, but doesn't the trumpet sound pretty obnoctous on those notes? Granted Maynard is a supernatural phenomonon and More is always better (?) when it comes to trumpet playing but I"l be content to play in the real world and find my fun there. The range that you say that you have now is way more than most of us have or use, ever. Best wishes.
  3. harveyhassanator

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    Sep 5, 2010
    GUYS! the guys saying he cant reach higher than Ab BELOW high C.
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    He's saying this: "I can't get above an Ab below double C." Double C is an octave above high C, which is itself written 2 ledger lines above the staff.
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    Don't focus ONLY on "high notes". My teacher always told me that practicing low low notes (bottom of trumpet range and pedals) build your chops just as well (or even better) than trying to squeak out high notes all the time. And while you're practicing in lower registers, also think about your tone. Trust me! Sure, TONS of people love to hear trumpet players bust out some screaming stuff, but I promise you, more people like to hear a good sound (in all registers).
    So focus on your "all around" playing first, and then start thinking about the high stuff! If you are were you are already (range wise) you'll be just fine! Just be patient and don't force it!
    Good luck!
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    ok - this is not arguing the original OP or what he is saying -- but he could actually be saying the G below DHC. I am pretty certain that the Maynard "Gonna Fly Now" Rocky theme is up to octaves and the last note is a DHE (double high E, or the E above DHC) which I think is like 7 spaces above the staff.
    and it is possible to play that note ---
    In any case -- the OP should be happy with the G above High C if that's what he's got -- and the other range, comes with rest, time, practice, and rest, time, and practice -0--OH and lots of patience with oneself.

    At any rate - He should play up in that range softly (pp) to help fix the problem --- he might be overblowing, opening up the aperture,and causing himself to fail, by fatigue and being unable to control the air, aperture, face muscles, etc..

    ps. no one will ever get respectable sound in the high range if they never try --- I say he should try.
  7. msodasoccer51

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    Sep 1, 2008
    The G I'm talking above is the one about 2nd ledger line C. Part of my reason for working on my range is that I plan on auditioning for Carolina Crown Drum Corp. I actually made Jersey Surf this past summer but couldn't do it because of money. I'm just trying to get better at playing lead. I'm not really creative enough to be a true jazz player, so I just work on concert music with our college wind ensemble that I play with and I work on my range since that's what I've got going for me. Thanks for the advice though!
  8. msodasoccer51

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    Sep 1, 2008
    No, I'm saying I can't hit above Ab below double C. Like as in the 6th space (correct me if I'm wrong) above the staff double C. below staff C is a low C on trumpet. On staff is middle C, high C is above staff, and double C is an octave above that.
  9. msodasoccer51

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    Sep 1, 2008
    One piece would be this piece we are playing. The Maynard Ferguson version of "Gonna Fly Now". It's the same one the tribute band plays. Look it up on youtube. It doesn't actually have an Ab, that's just my max range. It does however have a written in B below double C and an option double D and E.
  10. msodasoccer51

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    Sep 1, 2008
    We play lots of other stuff. Lot's of less known stuff with plenty of stuff in my practical range. This is just one piece that we're playing and I was simply asking for advice on range...

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