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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by daniel025, Aug 24, 2009.

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    Aug 3, 2009
    I have learned to both love and hate those "days of brilliance", and not just for the trumpet. It happens in just about any activity humans are capable of. Sports are a perfect example: when you suddenly just can't miss a shot in golf/basketball/pool. When your body suddenly knows just what to do. It's a fleeting feeling, and passes as quickly as it came.

    I think NickD said it best:

    It's times like this that one realizes that he/she really *does* have some skill, but just doesn't know how to use that skill quite yet. And it's entirely frustrating!!! There is first a great excitement "I *get* IT now!!", then doubt, "I *had* IT just a minute ago. What happened?! Why can't I replicate the skill?" And this, IMO, is the important part -- either having had that taste can set a fire under one's skin to try harder, and be more dedicated, or the frustration of not being able to accomplish that which was for one moment extremely easy can lead to a total catastrophe -- of giving up.

    If only there was some way to have those easy moments when It really counts...
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    I've just had one of those NickD days - wow.

    The Band did a gig in support of the local hospital and muggins ended up on 'remedial 3rd trumpet' again - my preferred support role BTW. All the young lovelies with better range, better tone, and much better features than me (read into that what you will) taking the starring roles - fantastic.

    But I too scored well - I ended up crunched up in front of one of the pedestal speakers due to the very limited performance space and thinking that I'd drawn the short straw. I'd never actually REALLY heard the whole band before - just our little section, and our attempts to blend properly, but at this gig I had the whole band behind me (a 'Big Band in a Box' as it were), what a great feeling, what a great sound. I'm not sure that the balance was as it usually is but I now know that my place in the ensemble has real value. - What did you say? Speak up, I can't hear you. :shock:

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