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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by john7401, May 31, 2010.

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    Feb 21, 2007
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    Let me state that I gave John some advice on practicing to build range... but I did NOT say to play hard one day and rest (not play) the next.

    I recommended that he do range, endurance, and other physically demanding exercises on a heavy day... take the following day and do light practice with more time between sessions, other fundamental studies that don't require as much physical stress such as Clarke, certain Arbans studies, and Schlossberg. Also adding in off the horn rhythm studies, "listening", and other things that will help build his musicality.

    I have had GREAT success with this approach as I allow my facial muscles to rebuild and respond - noticing growth in my range, endurance, tone, control, and overall playing comfort.

    Hope this clarifies the advice that he was given.


    Keith Fiala
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    Hi Mike!
    I like No. 14 the best. The whole list comes from the ANHS Trumpet Line.
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    Sorry everyone (and Keith)

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