Rank your top 10 Trumpeters of ALL TIME

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  1. bilboinsa

    bilboinsa Piano User

    Jan 24, 2006
    San Antonio, TX
    Top Ten Influences:

    My Dad, because he got me started and gave me his horn;

    Al Hirt--because Dad had several albums of his, and he gave them to me;

    Alan Wilbur--my first teacher, who let me play in 5th grade band, with one flute and one clarinet for balance;

    Bobbie Weiger--my second teacher who kept after me as best she could;

    Louis Armstrong--because he is my cultural center for the trumpet--even if much of the public image is "washed", I still somehow think of him as the mythical "father" of all things trumpet.

    Doc Severinsen--first constantly "shown" trumpet player during my youth--also my first trumpet concert;

    Maynard--because everyone was listening to him on the phonograph in the bandhall, and because, well, if you don't know, you wouldn't understand;

    Steve Stark--because (1) he was always ahead of me in band, and he always had wonderful tone that I still try to emulate; and (2) after this rollercoaster we call life led him all around, he never really left the trumpet and now earns his living with it.

    Brett Rowe--because he is a current bandmate and shows me how far I still need to go;

    Roger Ingram--because he was my only private lesson, and I learned a lot in two hours--it has helped with my ability to relax while playing higher;

    And in the great football tradition, I have a twelfth man, but it's actually an eleventh man, and it's actually a collection of the many players on this board and on TH. All of the collective wisdom is amazing and inspiring.

    And I remember scoffing at the internet years ago....
  2. cornetguy

    cornetguy Mezzo Forte User

    Sep 12, 2005
    Saint Paul, MN
    For me the biggest influances have been

    1. Adolph Herseth
    2. Maurice Andre
    3. Susan Slaughter
    4. Gary Bordner
    5. Brian Perry (Lyric Opera/Grant Park)
    6. Doc Sevrensen
    7. Haken Hardenburg
    8. Maynard Fergeson
    9. Conrad Gozzo
    10. The principal players of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic

    There are so many others but these seem to be the biggest influance on me
  3. tonidimitri

    tonidimitri New Friend

    Apr 23, 2007
    sydney australia
    most influentual players in my life have been :
    Rafael Mendez (for the simple fact of his brillance)

    Sergei Nakariakov ( his choice of repitiore and individualality) p.s excuse spelling :)

    Alison Balsom ( her amazing musicality and proving females make beautiful trumpet players)

    Pierre Thibaud (classified as one of the greatest trumpet educators of the 20th century, Professor of trumpet at the Paris Conservatoire)
  4. Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley Pianissimo User

    Jan 16, 2007
    Kansas City
    I think the subject words it right, he's asking who each of us as individuals think of as our top ten, and OK-- who we think is best. I think that's a reasonable, fun, and possibly educational question to put forth and nothing to start droning on and on about because, lord forbid, it requires a degree of judgement and commitment. All this "who are we to judge" baloney. Heck yes... the point is for us to judge. The idea that this thread has to be "re-framed" to say who our top influences are is just silly. What, we're so politically correct that we're afraid our list might offend someone because it differs from theirs? It's offensive to have a personal idea of what one considers the top ten trumpet players of all time? If the question was "Who are my top ten influences" my list would be considerably different. It would include local people I've studied with, friends I play with etc and Al Hirt. But that's not the question! Sorry for the rant, but good heavens, the idea that so innocuous a topic causes such an instant need to re-frame the question just bugs me. I hate it when free thought and the exchange of ideas is muffled by all this modern politically correct garbage . The age we live in I guess. So having got that off my chest in my own low key way (ha!)-- my top ten trumpeters (and yes that means in my opinion the ten BEST trumpeters of all time) on this given point in the day are:

    Miles Davis
    Chet Baker
    Louis Armstrong
    Roy Eldridge
    Freddie Hubbard
    Harry "Sweets" Edison
    Lee Morgan
    Thad Jones
    Warren Vache
    Don Cherry

    Bet my top ten list is better than yours!

    (just kidding! Lighten up!)
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  5. et_mike

    et_mike Mezzo Forte User

    Oct 16, 2007
    Chesapeake, VA
    Pesonally, I love this thread! It has given me the names of some great trumpet players that I have never heard of before!
  6. brem

    brem Mezzo Forte User

    Sep 13, 2007
    Quebec City, QC, Canada
    The ten most influencial for me were:

    Maynard Ferguson (played Gonna Fly Now in high school)

    Alan Rubin (Blues Brother bro!)

    Al Hirt (my dad had old records of him)

    Herb Alpert (tacky cheesy, had records, introduced early in childhood)

    Laflèche Doré (Quebec TV show trumpet player, died at a young age. His name translates to The Golden Arrow)

    Ron Di Lauro (Colleague to Laflèche, TV show trumpet player)

    Maurice André (introduced by my trumpet teacher)

    Rafael Mendez (recently discovered)

    Sergei Nakariakov (very recently discovered)

    Wynton Marsalis (knew of, but never really listened to)

    There you have it.
  7. shooter

    shooter Piano User

    Jan 12, 2007
    Phil Driscoll
    Louis Armstrong
    Sergei Nakariakov
    Maurice Andre
    Johnny Cabaniss: My old instructor
    Dolly Harrington: 1st trumpet at LU when I was there
  8. tonidimitri

    tonidimitri New Friend

    Apr 23, 2007
    sydney australia
    "Mark Bradley",
    does it ever occur to you that the reason why you think these certain artists are the best players in your mind is because they had some sorty of influence on you in order to make an effect to remain in your thoughts??
  9. Jimba

    Jimba New Friend

    Dec 28, 2006
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Arturo Sanduval.

    I got to see him a few weeks ago in Seattle, it was a great performance. the guy does way more than just trumpet. Fun show.
  10. Mark Bradley

    Mark Bradley Pianissimo User

    Jan 16, 2007
    Kansas City

    Well sure, beyond a doubt. But I think you're missing my point.

    There is a distinction in the premise of who I think the greatest trumpet players are of all time (and do I really need to restate the obvious-- that this is in my opinion?) and who my greatest musical influences are. Two different questions. This topic asks to rank who we think the top ten trumpet players of all time are, not top ten influnences. OK, maybe the two lists would be exactly the same for some, I'm merely ranting because for whatever reasons it seems some want to evade the exact question raised in the topic. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems some don't want to answer either for fear they'll be ridiculed or are too worried about "offending" someone else for who they leave out. Take a stand I say! Go out on a limb... what's wrong with free spirited unfettered opinion on a what is basically meant to be a fun question? Why evade? This isn't exactly life or death.

    While I'm on the subject, what if the question was "Who are the trumpet players with the best technique of all time?" You'll note that on my list technical ability plays a very limited roll in the picture of the overall scope of what makes the greatest musician. Let's look at my top pick of Miles Davis for example who to me is "it" when it comes to trumpet players (yes I know many readers won't agree and that's fine). I love Arturo and I think he's a great musician, nice guy and also maybe the best player, at least living, when it comes to technique. A monster on the horn. But to me "the greatest" comes down to the entire musical package and technique ironically plays a very limited roll into what makes a musical genius-- the insrtrument itself is really secondary when it comes right down to it. Influences comes down to a much more personal level and will involve people like our family that isn't going to mean much to others in this forum and agian, that's just not what is being asked to answer.

    And for what it's worth a few of my top ten greatest would also make my "most influential list" as they probably would for most of us. Take Freddie Hubbard-- as great as he is he hasn't really been so much of an influence in my playing, not that I don't admire everything about the way he plays and feel he is well desearving on a list of top ten trumpet players of all time.

    So just to stop beating the dead horse here's my TOP 10 Musical INFLUENCES of all time (and subject to change). Some obvisoulsy not trumpet players:

    1)Duke Ellington
    2)Miles Davis
    3)Chet Baker
    4)Paul Desmond
    5)Ben Webster
    6)Louis Armstrong
    7)Stan Kessler (a local cat with whom I studied, great player)
    8)My Pa (we still play in a keyboard duet once or twice a week)
    9)Thad Tone, I mean Jones
    10)Princess Dianna (barf alert!):lol:

    (real #10: Al "He's The King" Hirt. Where it all began!)
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