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    While Burbank Benge b-flat trumpets are sought after, what makes this one especially rare is that it is essentially a new, unused horn. This is one of those fabled "widow's horns". The buyer was a professional multi-instrumentalist who had been working as far back as the early 1920s. I have documentation to demonstrate that. So in 1969 he must have been in his later years. So far as I can tell, the instrument was purchased and used little, if at all. The original owner passed away and his widow let the horn sit in a closet for about 45 years. This is essentially a new, unused trumpet.

    A neighbor of mine is a book dealer who buys estates, which is how he came across this horn. He is not a musician so I am helping him to sell it. The horn has some oxidation simply due to sitting for 45 years. I suggested that he have the instrument cleaned, but he feels that is something the buyer should do. It's his choice, so you'll have to judge it for yourself from my photos and seeing it for yourself. If this were *my* horn, I'd have it ultra-sonically cleaned and would price it at $2500 due to its rarity as an unused instrument.

    I've played the horn a few times and have shown it to a couple other good professional players, all of whom agree that this is an excellent instrument. It has good intonation and a fine upper register. There is no "red-rot". Not even a hint. Any professional musician, either classical or jazz, would be more than happy to own this horn simply as a fine instrument, let alone it being highly collectible and extremely rare in this condition.

    The horn has a medium-large bore and a 3X bell. The serial number is 7806. Please view, at full resolution, the photos I have of the instrument and case at:


    The price is $1500 and is non-negotiable. If you're not willing to pay this much for this rare collectible Burbank Benge trumpet in essentially new condition, don't bother to get in touch.

    When you contact me, I'll answer your questions. Assuming you want to purchase the horn, I will then put you in direct contact with the owner and you can make arrangements with him regarding payment and shipping.

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