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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by YTR-6335S, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. YTR-6335S

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    Jul 3, 2006
    I have heard people on here say that they are "intermediate" or "beginning" and I was wondering how they came up with this rating. Is there a way you can actually rate yourself to find out if you are beginning, intermediate, or advanced? Or is this a rating based on how they think they play or other people have told them they play? :dontknow:
  2. Dave Mickley

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    Nov 11, 2005
    I am being realistic when I rate myself as intermediate. I have been playing on the local scene in Indy since 1981 for part time money in local big bands, clown band and church jobs. I can hold down the first part in any community band around here but do know quite a few local guys who can play circles around me. A few years ago a group of local players were discussing the local scene and when my name was brought up it was said I was the best third trumpet player in any big band around. I am not a lead player, never had the desire but I blend in any group, play in tune and can sight read decently. I do believe that the older I get, even though I am loosing range, I am playing more musically [ is that a word]. I have met quite a few hot shots that hit the scene but got just a few call backs because they were trying to impress everyone by how high and/or how loud they could play. Mean while us old dogs kept getting the jobs because we just played as part of a section. About 8 years ago I started turning down jobs, changed my life style, and now only play in one big band and church mostly, besides my quintet and one community band. I guess what I am trying to say is that your true rating is not your technical ability but how you play in a group. Does any of this make sense? Dave
  3. Eclipsehornplayer

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    Sep 14, 2005
    Metro Detroit
    One of the hardest things you'll ever do is look into a mirror and be honest about what you see.

    For me I'd have to agree with Dave.

    I rate myself intermediate and I most likely will never go past that. I will always seek/require instruction of one sort or another and never be a monster player. (Just not the cards life delt me)

    I am however a good section player capable of holding down any book that I've had time to work on.

    I am currently the lead in the 3thd section of my community band. Although I've been told that since I've come along our 3thd section has developed wonderfully and we've never sounded better I take it in stride.

    I strive to play musically rather then flashy. I want to envision the music see where it's going and how I fit into it and then "Sing" to quote Manny!

    I think how you rate yourself is an individual thing. It just depends on how honest you are willing to be! :dontknow:
  4. Billy B

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    Nov 5, 2004
    Des Moines, IA
    Maynard Ferguson once said that no one has ever learned to play the trumpet. I would say I am a beginner with a lot of experiance.
  5. W Scott

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    Dec 8, 2003
    Carson City, NV.
    Thre is a method of rating music that ranges from '1' to '6', with 1 being the easiest and 6 being pro level material. So, that's one way to evaluate yourself.

    My teacher is a prof. at the local university which has a performance program for trumpet majors. If you are fortunate enough to have a teacher with a similar position, they can give you really good feedback on just how good you are.

    Having said all that, the fact is that your skill level will differ from area to area. My endurance and sound quality are as good as my teachers--but I can't tongue anywhere near as fast as he can, and where I really fall apart is in counting, rhythmn and theory. But, I'm improving! :D
  6. trumpettrax

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    Mar 18, 2006
    I've used the term intermediate for myself here on TM. I used it maybe too freely. I'm not a beginner player and I'm still a wannabe pro therefore I'm an intermediate player huh? :dontknow:
  7. Bourbon City

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    Jun 8, 2004
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    That is what is said about me here in the Louisville area. And I agree withe Maynard: I'm still playin' and I'm still learnin'.

    I expect to get better after I retire when I can spend more time to my pleasures.

    I think I am an advanced learner. I practice more and I have more desire to practice more and I have more time to practice more. Now to develop the perfect practece.
  8. mike ansberry

    mike ansberry Forte User

    Dec 30, 2003
    Clarksville, Tennessee, U
    Dave Mickley kind of reminds me of myself. I am a really good section player, but who needs section players anymore? Not many working big bands around. When I was at North Texas, and now here in Nashville, there is a layer of incredible players on the top of the heap who play full time. I am right under that group. I don't have the ability to make a living playing full time, but I'm at the top of the weekend warriors. But self-evaluation is a tough thing. A good friend who is a full time player says that the thing holding me back is not enough self-confidence.

    Beginner-intermediate-advanced is a really broad set of topics. In that vain I'd consider myself an intermediate player.
  9. bandman

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    Oct 16, 2004
    Lafayette, LA, USA
    I have played at a very advanced level for many years. I consider myself a pro musician, but being a band director is my main gig. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t play technically as well now as I did 5-years ago, but I play with maturity. What that means to me is that I’ll walk into a job prepared. There will be no time wasted in preparation, or during a performance, because of something I caused. I make certain that I’m ready for anything that is expected, and I’m always ready for the unexpected.

    Something that I’ll tell you is learn to sight-read your tail off, and learn to transpose by sight. NEVER allow your chops to get to a point that you can’t accept a job at the last minute. Also, always make sure your equipment is in 100% ready condition for any type of job that comes along.
  10. Bill Dishman

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    Nov 22, 2003
    Gainesville, Florida
    Rating Oneself

    This is a very interesting topic...however it seems to me that in some ways it is not a very good use of time or mental energy. In trying to be the best musician possible in any given situation, would it not be more productive to try t o learn from any musician that you have respect for in any way possible?

    One thought I try to keep in mind is that there is always someone out there you can learn from to help yourself improve. When would this ever NOT be the case?

    The more I learn (or learn to play) the more I realize there so much more to accomplish.

    Just a thought...

    Bill Dishman
    Gainesville, Florida

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