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    It's hard to know what to say. I have played professionally for many years and I can say I am better than I was last year and the year before and the year before that. There are things I can do now I could never have done ten years ago. If you're not improving you're probably going backwards. Teaching helps me because you're always focussing on the fundamentals wherein all wisdom resides.

    There are many players better than I, but I can hang. Maybe I'm in the top 500 in the US, though it'd be hard to put a number on it. When I see lists of something like the top 250 professional tennis players in the country and how much they make I like to think I'd be like someone at the bottom of the list, no Sampras but in there somewhere. We are all striving and there is no end to it.


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    In recent years I have had several back problems and have taken a serious look at my trumpet playing because of it. Despite having made a living from trumpet playing the last 12 years I would consider myself a beginner for a few reasons. One reason being that there is so much that I still don't know concerning trumpet. Another reason would be the duration of my "career". Twelve years earning a living as a trumpet player is really not that long when you look at the big picture. Guys like Wilmer, Maynard and many others have been at this for as long as I have been alive. They are the big dogs in our field and I stand in amazement every time I hear guys like them. They make me realize just how little I know.
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    I am going to go back to the original question:

    The way I rate myself is by comparing myself to other players.
    I played a job a while ago with a guy who went to Julliard and then went to Yale for his masters. I listened to him play and rated myself.

    I do this all the time and I think it is a good indicator of how I fit in.
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    Well, as long as you're playing the same genre of music that works quite well. Classical/legit players don't do well (usually) at Jazz club jam sessions. My teacher is one of the top three working pros in town; teaches at the local university; principal trumpet in the local symphony and is classiclally trained. He can't improvise 'on the changes' to save his life. It just isn't something he's interested in or has to do. That doesn't mean he isn't good---it's just not his thing.

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    Well, if he went to play with the New York Phil. and sat next to Phil, he would have an idea of how he fits in. Maybe he would say to himself, this is cake and know he could sit in with any symphony he wants to.

    The next night he could sit in with Maynard and play second. All of the sudden the notes would disappear and there would just be changes. He would then know how he fits in. A great indication of what direction to go in the future and how good you are in any given situation.

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