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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by camelbrass, Dec 20, 2003.

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    Now, even though I am a mere novice compared to you experts I will try to answer Rowuk’s question about why pedals are controversial.

    I am only attempting an answer because I am consuming as much information as I can to learn about playing the trumpet, and there is indeed contractor information that can be frustrating to the beginning. On top of that, specific details are often elusive because so much is hidden behind the mouthpiece.

    Here is what I understand from Eric Bolvin’s video on pedals. Pedals can be useful to address specific problems. So, it is important to learn how to perform them correctly “if” you are going to gain any benefit from using them. Otherwise, he says he does not use them regularly. I guess this is because he does not have problem with his playing that require the use of pedals.

    The teacher with whom we both had a master class never mentioned them once; and he is a true great. He obviously never needed them. I guess it is like anything else in the trumpet world. If you connect with it and it helps provide the mental connection of what you physically need to do to play better, then it has value. If not, there is another exercise that will.

    I wonder if “lip bends” are in the same category as pedals.

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    From my perspective, I get a different feeling and result from lip bends. I suppose you could say when you bend a low F# 123 to a Pedal F 1st valve, it is a lip bend...well, it is a lip bend.
    However, I segregate my lip bending to a different register: I start on 2nd line G and play to F# then back to G...normal fingering. Then I repeat but bending the G down to F# not using any valves. I then continue on to F natural and on down.... I can sometimes make it to a D, but Eb is most common for me.

    Now here is the interesting part: One of my students, my oldest students ever, Bob, ( almost 90 years old ) can actually do the above process and go all the way down to Db!
    It is quite amazing. However, when he started my course his range ( believe it or not ) was a High G to Ab...I am speaking of only the G sitting right on top of the staff. That is not a very high range in my opinion. When he ended the course he could play up to a High D right above High C.
    Again, the odd thing about him is that he had superior lip bending abilities compared to mine, but his top notes are about 2 octaves below mine!
    Doesn't make sense, but it does prove that just because you are a master of one technique ( like lip bending or pedals ) you aren't necessarily master of all or even the primary techniques on the horn.
    You can hear Bob talk about things at my youtube channel. When you work with someone that old, you really begin to understand how much we young trumpeters missed out....Being a trumpeter in his day was actually popular and you could make a decent living at it without even teaching. Wanna go out Fri or Sat night? You could go to tons of places with big bands, swing bands, ...This weekend in 2011 in San Francisco, most clubs are DJ'd....better trumpet times back in the 40's!

    For those of you wanting a slightly more academic video tutorial on pedals than mine, please check out Charlie Porter. I really like him and his instructional videos quite a lot:
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    Oct 5, 2010
    Great stuff. Thanks.

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    In my glory days of my youth, when I was playing 7 days a week in multiple groups, I never heard of pedal tones(my high school instructor was a woodwind major) then since Ive comeback after a 25 year hiatus, Ive incorporated so many "new' things into my playing that I never knew before. Pedal tones are a huge part of my routine, and I must say, have helped. Im actually playing higher and lower than I did, and Im only 3 years into my comeback!! I firmly support pedal tones, at least as far as my own playing is concerned......
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    cool - that is pretty much the same thing I said on another RANGE post -- you need everything working together for both the high range and the low range --- at least for me this is true --- working the same muscles -- and yet being a bit gentler in the workout using the lower range - - so cool, very cool ROFL ROFL

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