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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by vanbuskirk, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. B15M

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    Dec 30, 2003
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    You didn't need to go to all that.

    We all post here for free, not just the moderators. It's all important. When the kid who can't spell posts about playing higher it's important. When a moderator posts, it's important. When an artist posts, it's important.

    It's what keeps this place interesting and keeps people coming back.

    I get aggravated sometimes when people are getting set up. Like the post that started this thread but,it's all together with this post and thread what makes up the board.
    No one is better that anyone else. We all need to treat one another with respect and dignity, even if they are just starting.

    This isn't part of the thread really but,

    It is the same as the symphony.

    Management is saying, if you don't like the job, there are other symphonies where you can play.
    (I better stay away from the symphony stuff. It seems to get people mad)
  2. chet fan

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    Jul 3, 2009
    I never said that you are a junkie. You see that is the thing you do. You twist conversation in your favour.

    When I said that you are Dr.House I said that you are cynic, myzantrope and that you insult pople only because they are less knowledgeable than yourself. But also that you are very good, infact excellent, trumpet teacher.

    I never mentioned drug addiction. It was your dear friends that brought that up. Not me.
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  3. Markie

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    Originally Posted by rowuk

    Actually, I am not a junkie, I don't smoke, don't drink very much.
  4. trickg

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    Oct 26, 2003
    I think that there is a fine line that can be drawn sometimes, and it's almost nutty how every year finds a brand new batch of young, aspiring players, all asking the same questions that have been asked dozens, if not hundreds of times before:

    How do I play higher?
    What horn should I get?
    Which mouthpiece is better?
    Who is the best trumpet player?

    I've taken to ignoring most of those these days, which is my choice of course, mainly because to me, there are lots of posts and threads which are not important at all.
  5. gzent

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    Nov 5, 2003
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    An excellent teacher doesn't insult students or beginners for asking what the teacher thinks are "stupid" questions.
  6. tobylou8

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    Dec 22, 2008
    Spiraling, spiraling, spiraling hopelessly out of control. What I "know" @ Rowuk: plays trumpet, red hair (so it appears), lives in Germany, has some really nice horns, played for the 7th(?) Army band (gotta be good), travels world-wide playing his horns, dispenses good to excellent advise, cuts to the chase, and is very blunt. For those that can't appreciate that, I can and do. If your feelings get hurt on a forum, you will never make it in the real world. How many times have the moderators on this forum read the same questions? It has to be a labor of love for them. I would compare it to working in a call center and hearing the same thing over and over. I participate in other forums and this is the most open of them all. One should appreciate that. The OP only responded twice and has not posted since(anywhere). This became a referendum on Rowuk's manners and style. The OP should just grow up (hard to believe he/she is in real estate).
  7. Mark B

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    Aug 20, 2010
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    This forum is no different than any other. There will always be an influx of new people asking the same questions. As a newer poster, I typically enjoy all the posts because I haven't read the old ones. I've been guilty of posting a thread and then seeing in the box below the similar threads that are pretty much identical to what I posted. OOPS! Still, I've received good advice and I appreciate how forums like this one cut the learning curve.

    Typically, it's been my experience that the older "experts" don't respond to the newer duplicate threads. Instead, one of the last batch of newbies that have been self promoted to "expert" tend to answer the threads with the same pat answers they heard from the previous generation of "experts". That's just the way it is with any forum. Go find a tiddlywinks forum and you will see the same phenomenon, right down to this very discussion.

  8. Dale Proctor

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    Jul 20, 2006
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    :lol::lol::lol: Very true. There are a lot of "experts" on the trumpet forums I frequent. Newbies should be careful as to how seriously they take "expert" advice on fact, that's some "expert" advice from me, no charge...:whistle:
  9. Markie

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    Chetfan said that Rowuk is a cynic, myzantrope and that he insults pople only because they are less knowledgeable than yourself.
    Whew, for a second I thought you ment "insults people".
    Yes, I know for a fact, that the fictional Rowuk hates pople. Its one of his least favorite flavors.
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  10. turtlejimmy

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    Jun 6, 2010

    As members of this forum, we need to know who we should be listening to. Everyone should be required to state their experience in their signature, to show their level of expertise. Mine would read:

    6 months beginner. Never been paid to play the trumpet but someone once offered me $ not to play. Pretty much have no idea what I'm talking about half the time but I love to talk and enjoy making people laugh.:D

    NOW, how seriously should anyone take MY advice?ROFL


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