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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by oldgit, Aug 7, 2010.

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    May 30, 2010
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    Rowuk is da man, all I can add is, get Rubank's or Standard Of Excellence, or something, books used by high schools, and work through 'em. I struggle with this too, it's SO easy to just play by ear but I have to learn to read what I call "the bugs" too.
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    Practicing scales while reading them is a great way to improve.

    Just about everything we play is part of some scale: going up, going down, and leaving notes out. Sometimes the key will change in a piece for a bit, but it is still part of some scale. If we learn to recognize the scales (even with notes left out) we can start to grab on to the patterns, and then, when sight-reading, a glance through the piece will alert us to the patterns Rowuk mentioned.

    Recognizing patterns then helps with style and shaping the phrase.

    The amazing thing we do is to note both the micro and macro elements in playing music; the individual note and its place in the piece as a whole.

    Fun stuff!

    Have fun!
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    Mar 12, 2010
    You will get there, I was a late starter and reading has become second nature, Im not sure how, I think just constant practice. I study music with 18-20yr olds who have studied music in high school and I am now better than them at reading.
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    As always Robin has given you great advice to work with. Here is a list of community bands; perhaps there is one near you. If you can get in a community band it would go miles toward getting you more proficient on your instrument and give you some trumpeters to work with.

    Community Band and Orchestra links
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    Reading Music? I found the mystery of such was exposed when I realized my earliest teacher(s) did me no favors with FACE and Every Good Boy Deserves Friends. All of you may remember such. Well, being male this was trash the instant I hit puberty and looked at the bass clef.

    However, thankfully there was a piano in our house played with excellence by my Mother. She was an elementary school teacher and did from time to time tutor the piano. In her way she taught me "middle C" which if it isn't you can't find it (the ledger line for it isn't shown if it doesn't exist) The meaning of her "Middle C" approach was that the space below that was a B and the top line of the bass clef was an A and that alternating line and space, the seven musical notes ABCDEFG go up the white keys of the piano and in reverse order down them. She did slip in that the black key to the right of a white key sharpened the white key and the black key to the left flattened it.

    What did this this do for me, as I never became a keyboardist. I look at music and read it ... vis I refer to each note by name (at least in my mind). Well, the largest coin I may have in my pocket is an old silver dollar. Well, I've seen a young clerk refuse to accept such as payment and my point of saying this is that they were never taught to "Read the music" (of money). I do believe that most of you were never taught to read music and can now sight read it as readily as reading a novel.

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