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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by ferny, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. ferny

    ferny New Friend

    Oct 17, 2004
    Hi.. I would like some advice in how improve my reading specially syncopaded rythms. I am attending to a latin workshop and I have problem on reading those charts. Any book or method?
    I play 2trp. and I'm working on my range.

  2. MahlerBrass

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    Oct 1, 2004
    Houston, TX
    What helped me was sitting in the hot seat plenty of times to the point where it just became natural. My suggestion would be just to constantly pick up pieces and sight read them, it doesn't have to be trumpet music, pick some sax music and do it, don't even transpose it, just play through it. Do this as much as you can, that's what I did and it helped tremendously.
  3. James Smock

    James Smock New Friend

    Sep 30, 2004
    Pacific Northwest
    One of the best things you can do, besides sight-reading, is to make rhythm sheets for yourself. Simply compose a page of fairly difficult rhythms, and them practice counting them.

    I find that conducting while counting helps immensely! I have all my students conduct, and they learn to count much faster.

    I have some rhythm sheets on my website, under the "pedagogy" link. You can use them, or just check them out to get the idea. Eventually, you'll want to write your own.

    On a side note, I think reading rhythm (especially jazz/latin) is all about reading "figures". I.E., when you read English, you don't read T. R. U. M. P. E. T.--you just see the word TRUMPET. Each style of music uses a "vocabulary" of "figures", and when you start to recognize them, things get a lot easier!

    Hope this helps.

  4. davtpt

    davtpt New Friend

    Jan 14, 2005

    My reading came from sitting in with salsa and even better merengue bands, like the polkas they're played in cut-time & really fast!!!
    I have a few trumpet mpcs for sale, is that cool to post on here???
  5. Kevin Hilman

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    Jan 24, 2005
    Salt Lake City, UT
    I would like to second James' suggestion of rhythm sheets. Before I ever worked with them I thought they were a rather cheesy idea but then my university jazz instructor made us all fabulous readers by starting each day with rhythm sheets. They would be particularly helpful in Latin music where things are fast, sycopated and very difficult.
    Good luck.

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