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    Jan 11, 2009
    I have a great resource for rare trumpet solos and arrangements.

    I own one of the largest private collections of Hot Jazz (dixieland, etc.) 78 recording in the country (about 5000-6000 records.). The collection is organized chronilogically by musician and of course includes all the greats such as Armstrong, Biederbecke, etc.

    It has it's own discography that includes musician/band, title of sides a and b, year of performance, side men, label, etc. They all have the original jackets showing great expamples of vocalion, okey, blue bird, rca, etc. It also has a collection of very, very rare books such as the '40-'45 WWII Esquire Collectors Discographies, and several famous performer autographs and pictures.

    I always thought it would be a great addition to a University Music Library or Jazz Program. These very rare selections, arrangements, performances, etc. seems to be a wonderful place for musicians or students to lift off arrangements and solos rarely heard or experienced today.

    While in New Orleans we contacted Loyola and Tulane regarding the collection but it was soon after Katrina and they just had a lot of other priorities at the time. If you know of a school that has a program that would truly utilize the collection in it's jazz or music program, we are looking for a place to donate the collection.


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