Recent spurt of trumpet/cornet buying...on the cheap!

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    I know these are old beaters, but I started with $20...bought a rough Buescher Aristocrat...cleaned her up...doctored her back to health...then unabashedly
    sold her for a 1100% price.

    I THEN took that funding and searched and searched and within the last two days came across three I took a swing at, and bought. WAIT! FOUR! One, a Buescher cornet has not arrived yet.
    It may be a slow road, but this is how I can climb the steep ladder toward getting my hands on a vintage Committee one of these days.

    Here's a link:
    RECENT TRUMPET CORNET PURCHASES Photos by gordonfurr59 | Photobucket

    One is a Couesnon trumpet (NOT a Monopole) that plays great.
    Another is a run-of-the-mill late sixties King Cleveland 600 but in good shape with AMAZING compression. Picked this one up for $40 at a charity house. All she needed was a bath (SERIOUSLY FUNKY) and a spit-valve screw.
    The last is my fave...
    A delicious little cornet: 1930's Rare Vedet Pelison Grillard & Loiselect Paris France Cornet

    I've not even gotten her name memorized yet...but she is delicate, soft-spoken, smoky...and a TINY TINY bore. I dug out one of my late 1800's cornet mouthpieces with almost a French horn dimension and shape that suited her perfectly and fit. TINY. I'll have to keep this one.

    Please forgive my crowing over my humble little acquisitions. I'm like a new daddy passing out cigars..even IF the baby is average and ugly...I just think the current crop is not bad considering they came into my grubby hands essentially by effort and a measly twenty bucks!

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