Recorded Taps at Funerals

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    I was surprised to find that the thing could play 50 different calls! Plus, you could pull the electronic gizmo out and play any call you wanted too---on a darn good bugle, pitched in low F. This guy is a funeral director/re-enactor and that's how he came to have the contraption.

    Dale, you must be quite experienced to get a gig making a video of CW era bugle calls. Do you mind if I contact you offline with questions about what is period correct and for what branch? I just started bugling for my group this last fall,a nd there seems to be a lot of confusion (online and off) as to which calls were used.

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    Well, I stand corrected. Last time I looked, you could get two inserts - Taps only, and Taps + 8 or 9 other modern calls. I always wondered if the "host" bugle was any good on its own. Feel free to PM me - I don't claim to be an expert, but I'll help you if I can. The calls published in Hardee's book are the ones that were used by both armies (infantry) during the CW. The majority of calls requested by the museum were infantry calls, which I could manage easily. The cavalry calls were unfamiliar to me, and I had to research them online to find the period-correct ones.

    Our band also recorded two songs in a camp setting for the museum, and I provided background calls for the camp life, drill, and skirmish scenes that were filmed. I haven't seen the finished product yet - the new display opens at the end of April.

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