Recording Complete! Jam Cat Boogie, Meditiation #1 Soliloquy

Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by NickD, Jan 6, 2006.

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    It's done! Now it's on to the mastering, which will happen next week. I've got to get the artwork completeld and pay up for the two tunes I didn't compose, but the CD shold be out by mid February. I have a Feb 23 latest deadline.
    I added two tunes and finished punching up one.

    Meditation #1 (replaced drum loops)

    The next tune I am using an Eclipse flugelhorn. I hope Leigh is cool with the fact that this is a burning funk tune - not a mellow ballad for flugelhorn! I love playing flugel on fast funky stuff. I feel like I can really do some fun stuff with the articulation. This horn has an amazing sound, IMHO!

    Jam Cat Boogie is a strange little interlude. It is a completely improvised solo over a funk drum groove. I just talked Larry Beers through the groove I was looking for and then we just had at it for a couple of minutes. I had a couple of little themes in mind, but this is essentially a stop time funk solo - flugel and drums.

    Finally, I love this Eclipse fulgel soooo much that I added a totally unaccompanied improvisation for flugel. It is Soliloquy. Here's the link.

    I hope you all can enjoy this.

    Almost there!!


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    RE-read the original post!

    I edited the original post after I uploaded Soliloquy.



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