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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trickg, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Oct 26, 2003
    Equipment is kind of an interesting thing. I spent some time at a friend's house today doing some vocal tracks in his basement studio - make no mistake, this home studio is fully professional level and he has a mic locker full of coveted microphones, an Avalon tube preamp that oozes high quality and class, and he records with MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) Digital Performer. The room control room is correctly sound treated (as is his other main recording room) and he has pretty much any keyboard that has been used with any significance since the early 70s. It's a nice studio.

    By comparison, my setup is pretty modest, but still a fairly nice setup:

    Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Preamp/Firewire interface (has 8 mic pres and all kinds of signal routing capability - probably more than I will ever use)
    iMac with GarageBand and Logic Studio
    KRK Rokit studio monitors with 6" woofers
    M-Audio Keystation 61 es MIDI controller
    -- 1 Shure SM57 with add on wind screen
    -- 1 MXL V67G Large Diaphragm Condenser
    -- 2 Audix Fusion 15 small diaphragm condenser mics

    I need to sound treat my room - at the very least put some bass traps in the corners - but otherwise I've got some decent capability, although truthfully I need some more options on microphones. I can do a ton with the SM57, but I'd like to get a really decent studio condenser like an AKG C414 or something along those lines, but I don't have a spare $1000 for one at the moment.

    I once recorded a project at a real studio on drums where there was far more money worth of mics recording my drums than my entire drum kit was worth.

    If anyone has some recommendations for great mics for recording trumpet, I'm all ears.

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