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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Dragon98987, Oct 7, 2010.

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    Aug 16, 2009
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    Could have been mine. I've recorded as many as 12 different parts playing multiple brass instruments vis piccolo trumpet, trumpet or cornet, mellophone (F), euphonium or trombone and tuba.

    No drums ... no one waving a stick at me ... for tempo and my track time for Stars and Stripes, Forever! is 3:38 ... identical to that of USMC "President's own". Note that I was trained by lead cornetist of Sousa's second band 1926-31.

    On my CD release "Choices Volume One" I play Shake Rattle and Roll, and Stayin' Alive that without drums would fall apart if the tempo were incorrect. Yes, you can bet for such I've mechanical copyright licenses.
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    Oct 26, 2003
    Seems that by posting about it the way you did, you kind of made it your problem, didn't you? Whatever - it's not a problem at all to my knowledge, at least not in any practical sense.

    When you consider the explosion of exposure that so many songs get online due to the prevalence of YouTube (hence the reason I posted mine there - it was by far the easiest way to distribute it to friends and family - just send them a link...done.) unless someone was actually trying to capitalize on someone else's copyrighted material, it's not likely (although feasible) that it would ever be pursued with any real effort for copyright infringement. I watched a Youtube vid just last night of a bunch of kids playing the guitar solo portion of Guns n Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" - while it's quite likely by doing so they are infringing on the copyright, again, it's not likely anyone is ever going to come crashing in on their gates because they posted the vid without first going through all of the proper hoops and red tape.

    Again, if I'm ever approached by anyone with any real teeth regarding the matter, I'll pull it down.

    So - all of that was totally off topic. The point I was trying to make by posting that vid in the first place is that it's possible to get decent sound with Garage Band (the DAW of the OP) without spending a ton of money.

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